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Call The Midwife Presents: Rev. Beefcake

Taking a break from all the woman power to objectify a dude for once.

If any of us had a dream about ending a date with Rock Hudson early in order to get ready for work, we might wonder which of our colleagues we suspected of being closeted. When Trixie has such a dream, in 1959, it just means she's been neglecting her social life -- or so her colleagues surmise. Fortunately, there's a cute curate in the neighbourhood, and he wants to take her to a cricket match! Unfortunately, their date gets kind of hijacked by the Scouts...and then one of the Scouts gets sick on the bus.....and then the bus breaks down. Rock Hudson might not have been as interested in making out with Trixie if their paths had ever crossed in real life, but he probably would have had better instincts about showing a lady a nice time right up until that point in the evening.

The day isn't a total bust, though -- or, at least, not for the viewer. Because when Rev. Hereward takes a stab at fixing whatever's busted on the bus, he takes his shirt off, and Rev. Hereward transforms into Rev. Beefcake. The only thing more muscular than his faith are his arms!

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