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E! Schedules Burning Love Season 3...Sort Of

No one's going to find this by accident.

Good news for fans of Burning Love who don't want to watch a whole season of it on their computers!, anyway. E! has put the show's Bachelor Pad-esque third season on its schedule: it's dumping the whole season at once, in a marathon that will start at midnight on Saturday, March 8 (so...Sunday, March 9, technically).

This season dump is commensurate with the way the network treated the back half of Season 2. Originally scheduled to follow The Soup on Wednesday nights -- so, in other words, in primetime -- Burning Love was suddenly relocated to 3:30 AM Sunday mornings sometime in December, and aired new episodes through the holidays, if your DVR even found them. If the strategy for S3 was to give comedy fans a Netflix-y marathon experience, then maybe E! could have put it on at any time in February rather than waiting until Burning Love would be up against Saturday Night Live?

Obviously, no one at E! actually likes or appreciates or probably understands Burning Love and is just trying to burn it off (no pun intended) as quickly as possible, but then one has to ask why it bought rebroadcast rights to it in the first place? Maybe the idea was to get into business with Ben Stiller, whose Red Hour produced the show, but I feel like maybe the way this experience has gone might stop the company from working with E! in the future?

Anyway: don't let E!'s idiocy keep you from watching this show, which is hilarious. In fact, you don't have to wait for March 8 but really 9. (Note: Yahoo doesn't make it very much easier to find the show, so, you're welcome!)


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