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Casting Family Members For The Cops Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The State reunion ahoy!

Now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a (moderate) hit and has proven itself to be consistently funny, it's going to be inundated with notable guest stars. That's just how it happens. First you get the funny, then you get the power, then you get Oprah.

And that's fine by me. Since B99 creators Daniel J. Goor and Michael Schur made such good use of guest stars when they ran Parks and Rec -- hey, Parker Posey! -- I trust them to do the same here.

Plus, last night's episode, "48 Hours," laid out the perfect template for cameo appearances -- family members! Well, it also featured the rapper Kid Cudi as a diamond thief, but a rotating cast of "superstar criminals" is very Matlock and not nearly as cool as parade of crazy relatives.

To wit: We just met Zeke (Jamal Duff), brother-in-law to my beloved Sgt. Terry (Terry Crews). Zeke is such a big, intimidating dude that he makes Terry feel nervous and unmanly, which leads to all sorts of shenanigans. And Duff, a former NFL player, is perfectly cast.

So which family members should we meet next? And who should play them?

Donna and Mike Peralta, parents of Jake Peralta

Played by: Kirstie Alley and David Hyde Pierce

What's their deal?: Donna is totally "the Jake," a free-spirited rule breaker, while her husband is a staunch rule-follower, and when they drop by for a tour of the precinct, Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) naturally gravitates to Pops as a fellow by-the-booker. However, when a flasher breaks out of a holding cell and terrorizes the station in the buff, Pops and Jake freak out, leaving Donna and Holt to show that under pressure, they have nerves of steel and knees that never miss a groin.

Paul Marshall, Capt. Holt's husband

Played by: Ewan McGregor

What's his deal?: To build team spirit, Holt invites the gang to his home for a barbecue. Everyone attends because they're dying to meet Holt's mysterious husband, and once they do, they acknowledge that Paul is probably the most attractive man they've ever seen. Even better, since he is Scottish, speaks three languages, and restores classic cars, he knows how to bring out Holt's (relatively) wild side. This barbecue just might end with a liquor run in a vintage Firebird, with Paul blasting Italian pop songs and Holt unbuttoning the top button of his shirt!

Ave Maria Diaz, sister of Rosa Diaz; Tracy "Twinkles" Linetti, sister of Gina Linetti

Played by: America Ferrera and Rachel McAdams

What's their deal?: After Diaz busts a local councilman for selling pot in the Kings County courthouse, there's suddenly a vacancy in Brooklyn politics, and both Ave Maria and Twinkles emerge as surprise frontrunners. Ave Maria, a pharmacist and helicopter parent, promises to make bad grades illegal for "the angels of the future," and Twinkles, owner of a successful jazz and tap studio, wants to fund a "dance attitude" project for the homeless. Who will win…and which sister will the precinct support?

Larry Santiago, nephew of Amy Santiago

Played by: Rico Rodriguez

What's his deal?: Larry gets in a lot of trouble, and now that he's a freshman at Amy's old high school, she's worried he's retroactively tarnishing her spotless reputation as a high achiever. When Larry's economic teacher hosts a career day, you'd better believe she's gonna be there, proving that her family name still stands for something and that being a good student can be cool.

Cassandra, Buck, and Tomasz, siblings of Detective Boyle

Played by: Kerri Kenney, Thomas Lennon, and Michael Ian Black

What's their deal?: After busting the managers of a crooked sperm donation center, Boyle not only learns that he was created by artificial insemination, but also discovers that his donor father sired at least three other kids. Cassandra is a high-powered attorney with a sleep disorder, Buck sells tacos from the back of his Ford Explorer, and Tomasz promises his laundromat is about to turn a profit. How will they handle Boyle's "family bonding day" at a second-tier amusement park?

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