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Does BrainDead's Gustav Watch The Good Wife?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by the latest BrainDead!

Where other shows might take forever with questions, BrainDead lets Laurel put the pieces together right away this week, proving she's as smart as she seemed, and helping several plots converge around her. Sure, Gustav seems like a crazy conspiracy nut (and, to a certain extent, he probably is), but when he tells her that "bugs are eating people's brains," making them "lose portions of their memory, and their ability to think," Laurel immediately connects it to Scarlett and Abby's odd behavior, then uses his intel to test the newly infected Stacie, then connects him with Rochelle Daudier, creating a pretty handy little Scooby gang. They don't know much yet, but they know something bad is happening and that some sort of insect is involved.

Proving Laurel and Co. are on the right track, the FBI detains Laurel and asks her questions about the exploding heads and Gustav, releasing her only when Luke intervenes. You're only paranoid if no one is actually out to get you, and the creepy Agent Blades's line of questioning only makes Laurel more curious.

Plus, the Democrats' in-fighting heats up; Laurel and Gareth get closer; Gustav narrowly avoids becoming infected (but fails to trap a bug like he'd hoped); and Luke and Scarlett's affair is exposed. Oh yeah -- and another head goes boom. About that...

Okay, seriously, what's up with the exploding heads?

Red's Chief of Staff gives new meaning to the words "talking head" when he appears on talk show Doublespeak: he becomes distracted and then, shortly thereafter...boom. This doesn't match what we've seen so far; he didn't seem to know he was infected prior to becoming confused, nor did he have the prolonged fight with the bugs that Dr. Daudier and Oscar did. Do they just decide not to bother with some people? (He did not seem like the sharpest knife in Red's cabinet.) Even Gustav can't answer this question, except he thinks the explosions have something to do with a buildup of methane. In other words: bug farts.

Who's covering this up?

Broadbent was on Doublespeak via satellite link, and the show was broadcast on a delay, so very few people actually saw his head explode. The death is then reported as a whom? Does Red get the truth by phone and immediately make up the cover story for his office? Did the TV people just not know what to say? Or, as with last week's "overheated blood," is someone in the Medical Examiner's office pulling the strings?

Why not send flowers to everyone?

Scarlett's tactic of sending flowers to Ella (as an apology "from Luke" for their fight) and then placing some in Luke's office as a delivery mechanism for the space bugs is simple and brilliant. Since, presumably, part of their mission is to spread, and since having flowers delivered to basically anyone is easy and fairly inexpensive, why not make the invasion more efficient right now? Or take over a laundromat? Or a pizza parlor? Do I have to do all the parasitic aliens' work for them?!

How awesome is butt-kicking Ella?

I know we're not supposed to be rooting for the aliens, and the show seems to be going for fairly non-partisan, equal-opportunity satire, but in the era of Fox News, it's nice to hear a Democratic senator ask, "Why must we always be the party of adults?" Ella's bold play for the Whip seat couldn't be more satisfying if she used an actual whip. If it takes brain bugs to get a filibuster on gun reform, I'm not sure I mind.

Does Gustav watch The Good Wife?

Where else would he get the crazy idea that the NSA can use Laurel's cell phone as a mic?

How drunk does Laurel think she has to be to make out with Gareth?

Because I would think "stone cold sober" would do, whether she's trying to get back at her father or not.

How dumb is Luke?

Not for having the affair (though that was pretty dumb), but for not realizing how likely it was to get out. Never mind him still not figuring out what was about to happen when Ella told him to "watch the news," even after Laurel saw Scarlett in her office (listening to "You Might Think"); remember how easy it was for Laurel to figure out where he was and who he was with in the first episode? This has to have been the kind of open secret around town that would get out eventually, and Luke seems like to good a politician to be surprised by its being used against him. But his dad's shrugging reaction ("Well, you can't fire her now") is kind of the best. (I'm sure that character has a name, but he's just David Lee to me, and I'm not mad about it.)

Why is it so dark in this hospital?

It really doesn't seem like ideal conditions to be examining anything.

If there have now been enough "catastrophic head injuries" for the FBI to be investigating them as terrorist attacks, how long before they're public?

Or is that just a ploy by infected FBI agents to hold Laurel?

Is Agent Onofrio into Laurel or does he just really want to solve this case?

Just kidding, he obviously has a thing for Laurel. How quickly will he join her, Gustav, and Rochelle? Will this show, given the circumstances, put an interesting spin on the inevitable Gareth-Laurel-Anthony love triangle? Which of Laurel's suitors will get brain-bugged first?

Why'd it have to be the cat?

Not every member of Gustav's household escapes the brain bugs. He seemed like a really good kitty too. Though if my own cat lost a portion of his memory and his ability to think, I'm not sure how I'd be able to tell the difference?

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