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Please, Mr. Kennedy

While Nucky tries to woo a famous American figure, Chalky and Narcisse find themselves on the opposite ends of the home-invasion game.

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    Never Go To Cuba? Got It.

    Nucky's sister died (in flashback), Eli and Mueller robbed Al Capone to pay Al Capone, and Gillian's stuck in a mental hospital. But mainly we learned, thanks to Tonino, that if you engage in a life of crime, you may meet a bad end. Let's keep that in mind!

  • Character Study

    Joltin' Joe

    Name: "Mr. Kennedy."
    Age: Mid-40s.
    Occupation: Clearly Joseph Kennedy.
    Goal: To navigate the worlds of crime, money, and crime-reeking money without getting a blotch of it on him, and without having his first name uttered onscreen. He avoids alcohol and has extramarital sex only once his scene has ended. He also makes Nucky very, very uncomfortable by virtue of his virtue.
    Sample Dialogue: "They judge us, don't you think? The Brahmins and their ilk. As if their fortunes just wafted down from Episcopalian heaven."
  • Meeting Time

    I Poured You A Tall Glass Of "You'll Never Be Good Enough"

    Who called the meeting? Nucky.

    What's it about? Nucky wants Jo-- er, "Mr. Kennedy" to partner with him on the Bacardi rum business.

    How'd it go? Like all of Nucky's meetings this season, he reveals he has exactly one way of treating prospective partners -- and while that may have worked in the past with his low-level associates, it doesn't seem to work as well with high-level politicians and wealthy businessmen. Also like all of Nucky's meetings ever, the meeting seems to come down to a referendum on his character. Mr. Kennedy doesn't want to do business unless he feels Nucky has a basic understanding of what he wants in life. If you know Nucky, you know this is pretty much the worst thing you can say to the guy.

  • Flashback

    Love, Atlantic City-Style

    Young Nucky's been flirting with a girl whose family is staying at the Commodore's hotel. He watches her on the beach, she leaves him a card when she goes, and so forth. At the same time, he's been bringing flowers every day at the behest of a smitten young swell named Mr. Becker, who sure seems to love his gal. Anyway, here's how that ends up: in MURDER. As long as the girl Young Nucky likes doesn't turn out to be anyone significant in his life, I guess these flashback incidents are all coincidental.

  • Character Study

    Paging Dr. Smiles, Dr. Smiles?

    Name: Dr. Valentin Narcisse.
    Occupation: Harlem Crime Boss.
    Goal: To control Harlem for two fucking seconds without yet another mobster coming up from Little Italy to "help out."
    Sample Dialogue: "What I have belongs to me."
  • Meeting Time

    Coffee, Tea, Or Everything I Goddamn Own?

    Who called the meeting? Maranzano.

    What's it about? Maranzano has sent Luciano and Siegel up to Harlem to let the good doctor know that he may continue running his drugs-and-ladies business as long as he is so kind as to give some of his earnings to the Maranzano crime family.

    How'd it go? Ehhhh. Dr. Narcisse sends the fellows on their way, and they seem to have taken no for an answer. Then two goons return that night and a lot of prostitutes are killed. (I think one of the goons is Benny Siegel? There are SO many dark-haired white guys in suits and hats on this show.) So I'd say the meeting didn't go well, at least for all those dead people.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    It's The Chalky & Talky And Friends Hour!

    This week, we learn Talky's real name is Buck. And that's great news, because he's not so garrulous this week. That's the only good news, though: Buck and Chalky have decided to rob a house, based on Buck's maaaaybe fuzzy memories of a basement safe and an indignity he suffered there.


    Instead of a safe, they find a mother and daughter. There's a lot of yelling and threats.


    Then the mail comes!


    Why, it's a dress for Fern, the daughter. Buck makes her put it on. Chalky, who had a teenage daughter named Maybelle, goes to step in, but then...


    Mom says there is a safe, and it's upstairs. Buck and Chalky try to open it.


    When that fails, Buck turns to his old friend, Violence.


    But it turns out Chalky knows Violence, too! Farewell, Talky.

  • Awkward

    Come On, At Least She Wasn't Sleeping With Your Husband

    Situation: Margaret's brokerage has figured out that someone's been keeping the "Abe Redstone" account active. Also, they know that it was really Arnold Rothstein. Also, whether or not they know Margaret's role, they have her signatures on everything. So she goes to see the Widow Rothstein.

    What makes it awkward? Carolyn -- she sure doesn't like being called "Mrs. Rothstein" -- knows Margaret's been living in one of her husband's apartment buildings. Also, Carolyn has had to sell everything she owns. One item she didn't sell: a ring Arnold got at the big New Year's Eve party Nucky and Margaret threw in their mansion. Oops. (Speaking of oops, that's the party where Nucky first met Billie Kent.)

    How is order restored? Carolyn not-so-gently suggests Margaret get in touch with her ex-husband and find a way to return the $111,000 Margaret owes her. May we suggest robbing one of Al Capone's men instead?

  • Wrap It Up

    Mickey Doyle's back, everyone, and he's really matured! Just kidding. He's still a snake.


    Nucky and Sally have a nice moment where "Happy Days Are Here Again" comes on the radio in Nucky's office and she asks him to turn it up so she can hear it in Cuba. That's it. No one gets killed, no one gets a hammer in the neck. No one says something overly meaningful. Just a nice moment.


    The girl in the beach flashbacks? That's the future Mabel Thompson, who would go on to kill herself, partly due to her husband's career-driven neglect. So...I guess she did turn out to be kinda significant? Also, I had to look all that up because it's been like four seasons since we heard about that. Ahem.


    And this horse Young Nucky is kissing?


    It would become the glue that holds together the wingtips Nucky wears every week in the opening sequence.


    "We had some great times together, didn't we? Ha ha! Remember that gag you pulled with the big box? Anyway..."

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