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Gyp Gyp No Way

The author bailed on Boardwalk Empire's third season thanks to profoundly off-putting character work by Cannavale. Can she overcome him, and the clock, by the fourth-season premiere?

I watched two full seasons of Boardwalk Empire, and had really looked forward to the Michael-Pitt-less third season. But then: Gyp Rosetti happened. Didn't love the character to start with, couldn't stand the portrayal by Bobby Cannavale (Emmy voters loved it, though: argh), it airs on the busiest night of the week…when my DVR showed four unwatched episodes in the list, I faced the truth and gave it the boot.

Now it's time to marathon the third season: 12 eps, 9 days. Why? For one thing, my brother Dave recommended I give it another go, because he loved it, and more to the point he knows what I might hate. He assured me I'd at least get used to "the Rosetti-ing." For another, Jeffrey Wright is joining the cast eeeeee!

Let's see if I can get it done in time…

Episode 301

Harrow! I'd forgotten him (Jack Huston), and how much I loved his pebbly voice. And the décor, everything looking so expensive. And Gillian (Gretchen Mol), that marble monster. Rosetti isn't as bad as I remember, although that one New Year's Eve scene felt like a rehearsal, and I should say that I usually like Cannavale.

Boardwalk Empire has an on-the-nose-ness to it that I shouldn't respond well to -- in this season premiere, it's the "lady aviator" and the freedom the writers weren't content to let her represent, hammering instead on the concept in dialogue. The show gives me enough to look at to distract me from that, though, and I can't pretend I didn't start (and keep, for as long as it lasted) watching for the outfits. Mol's rigs alone!

So, I'm optimistic, but I also know my own limitations (read: my tendency to announce to a quiet afternoon living room, "Now's a great time to marathon some zzzzQ*4u23jo&"). Right now, sitting pretty at

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