'Well, Maybe You Do Things Wrong.'

A teenage hacker helps crack a case while Jane and Weller try to avoid Doing It until sweeps.

"Cede Your Soul" is a relatively by-numbers episode of action TV -- but if we acknowledge that those numbers exist for a reason and that coloring them in results in a competent piece of work? Not a bad sit. Patterson got a few nice bits of neur(d)osis about her board games, and some healthy competition in the form of junior hacker Ana. Jane tried, haltingly, to make new friends, and although it sort of didn't work (probably? seeing Jane and Ana coming out of the UA Court Street after seeing Saw 19 would be a nice touch next week), it's cool to have one of these shows realize how isolating the concept must be for its protagonist, and not just have her staring dourly at herself in the mirror during a montage at the end or whatever.

And though the genre means we get more than our fair share of action truisms and emotionally impacted glaring -- and when I tell you I grabbed like 70 screens of Sullivan Stapleton making this precise face, understand that I am not exaggerating and that there were another 70 that were nearly identical, save for the "I seem to have swallowed a small spider" variation --


Blindspot still has plenty of cash in the blow-shit-up-good account, apparently.


You expect a show in the genre to go a little more interior and psychological in its plots at this point in the season, to save up for the sweeps shoot-outs and non-stock chopper shots. Blindspot is serving explosive realness every week. No complaints here.

Not a great ep, or even a very good one, with some over-the-top acting, but I'm encouraged by the idea that the writers don't like the I, Gamblor arc for Zapata that much either and want to wrap it up on at least on front pronto; maybe they'll feel the same way about the idea that the two leads are obliged to Do It eventually, make Jane Weller's sister, and not try to catch Alias in a bottle with that relationship, because it's tiresome.

Your ep-title anagram du jour is "Cede Your Soul"/Cloud Our Eyes. While I roll mine juuuust a little at that one, let's run the numbers: how Blindspotty is the ep? To the table!

Blindspotty Element Present?
Accent struggles "Woi yeh shouldn't have done it" isn't impressive, but Stapleton's improved slightly this week, though he's overcompensating with some Kentucky-style Rs.
Patterson is the poo, so take a big whiff Corrects the needle-in-a-haystack idiom to "a very specific piece of hay...in a haystack." When it's pointed out that Ana can "just" take them to her contact's home, versus Patterson tracking his Bitcoin usage, shrugs, "I mean, it's a little analog but..." Gets into a territorial scuffle during the op about Perl vs. Python. Tries not to yell at her boyf for re-alphabetizing her board games by name instead of "by game designer," the way she had them. Goes around Mayfair to Weller to get some movement on the redacted file.
Sudsy secret-keeping and/or pointedly vague backstory hinting Zapata's gambling problem. One Rollins was like four too many on this network, noam sayin'?
Be our (awesome) guest (star) No Gaston; Jay O. Sanders is doing this,


and I admire his commitment, but he's still doing...that. Aimee Carrero is perfectly fine as Ana.

Action-fiction platitudes "Everybody down!", "We gotta shut this down fast," e.g. And of course thrash music is playing when they bust in on Ana's apartment. Hat tip to the Jane/Zapata exchange, though: Zapata's genuinely rocked-back "What?!" when Jane shouts, "Cover me!", followed by Jane patiently repeating, "...Cover me!", is a fresh take on that hoary bit of business.
Fed fashion It turns out she's not a fed like she thought, but Ana's helping the feds, so we'll count her A-plus ring and eyeliner styles.


Points off for that brown,


but Patterson's overall outfit -- necklaces over collared shirt; patterned pencil -- is a win.

Fact fail I wouldn't mark it a yes on location-shifting alone, because I'm the only one who has a broker husband who covers the "Brooklyn" neighborhoods they're always "in," but...just put the addresses in Queens. That lot clearly isn't in Bed Stuy. The actual clock here is for the holster argument between Jane and Weller. She knows how to assemble and shoot the firearm, but would forget where to put it on her belt? N...ow, suddenly? Ridic. Find something else for them to scuffle over.
It's 10 PM; do you know where your standards and practices are? I think they got noted on that, because several episodes ago, the demise of this guy's skull


would have been shot way tighter. The dream-sequence thrusting right up top is more annoying than anything.

Jane and Weller exchange a "one day, we will french" look for two weeks They realize it's going to happen, and shouldn't, and try to give each other space, but: yeah, whole lotta "think about black cardboard, think about black cardboard" twitching going on.
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