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Girl Powerless

Joey's attempt to launch a secret, all-girl alliance is missing one key item: better girls.

Diary Room Delusions


Devin assures us, "I know that I have a huge influence on a lot of people in this house with my charm and my charisma. I think I'm the perfect guy to hold this group together." That makes one of him.

Paranoid Suspicions


Devin and Caleb become convinced that soft-touch groundskeeper Donny is secretly some kind of Special Navy SEAL Green Forces Beret guy, based on his bald shins and his ability to pour water in the BotB competition. Guys, if Donny were putting on an act, even he would come up with a better one.

To Have Have-Nots


Caleb names Hayden, Joey, Cody, and volunteer Brittany to sleep in a refrigerated bedroom and eat frozen slop for the week. Hooray.

Clique In


Joey is still trying to lead an all-girl alliance, but can't seem to get Amber, Brittany, Jocasta, or Paola on board, even as she warns them about her suspicions that there's an all-guy alliance. Which there is, and Amber's in it. All Joey accomplishes is arousing Derrick's suspicions so he tattles to the rest of the Bomb Squad, which Amber later confirms. Then Devin guilts Joey about it while lying about his own multiple alliances. There's that charm and charisma he was talking about.

The Hell?


Nicole convinces herself and Christine that their bedroom is haunted. If there really is a ghost in the Big Brother house, let's hope someone is able to capture some video of it.

Stiff Competition


Random selections Zach, Cody, and Victoria join HoH Caleb and nominees Paola and Donny for the Power of Veto competition, sending Paola into a preemptive despair spiral. It turns out to be a spelling competition, which is always a spectacular way to show off the houseguests' brainpower. Sure enough, Cody spells "Competively," Caleb "S_ecialize," Victoria "Pharma_ist," and Paula "Caltoru" (?[!]). So despite Donny's leisurely pace during the letter-collection phase, his "Splitters" beats Zach's "Warning" and he wins PoV.

Shut The Back Door


With Donny off the block, Joey is in the doghouse for her public and futile attempt at starting an alliance. Caleb even has the nerve to lecture her about how it's too early for that.



With an eviction vote set for Thursday's live show, everyone seems to want Joey gone for the capital crime of trying to start an alliance. Clearly the only reason she's in trouble is that she got caught.

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