Christmas, Mourning In The Big Brother House

Yule enjoy the Power of Veto competition if you're Corey, but Michelle suffers post-holiday letdown.

Aftermath Math


So Nicole has nominated Michelle -- whom she wants out -- and Paul, whom she doesn't. But only Paul, Corey, and Victor know that she's after Michelle, while Michelle, Natalie, and James are confident that she's still after Paul, because they are. Yes, the Veto is still TBD, but so is Corey's Big Brother Bribe. In other words, Nicole is still optimistic about getting what she wants without anybody knowing it's what she wants. Ideally, from her point of view, Victor will win PoV, Veto Paul, and then Nicole will be "forced" to nominate Natalie or James in his place and Michelle will get voted out easily. Obviously this would not be ideal from Michelle's point of view.

Wednesday Night Filler


This weeks' Have-Nots (Victor and Corey, who lost the HoH competition first) have to eat squid and seaweed along with their slop. Their slop has been supplemented with other random, non-balanced items this season, but nobody cared until now. Not that anything has changed.

Later, Paul and Victor lament their lack of women to cuddle with, and Michelle gets scolded by Big Brother for obstructing her microphone while she's in mid-nap and ends up spiraling about her slim chances of winning and thinking she's ugly. I suppose that with only seven people left in the house, it takes a lot more to fill an hour, whether anything is happening during that time or not.

On Target


After Paul draws the Houseguest's Choice chip during the selection of Veto players, he chooses Corey to play, which tips off Michelle that she might be the target after all. She shares her suspicions with James and Natalie, who start to worry that James might be the target. Meanwhile, Nicole is beginning to worry more that she'll have to tip her hand. It's already tipping, Sunshine.

Stiff Competition


A Christmas-themed PoV, complete with live reindeer in the yard, is this year's setting for the traditional counting competition. Thus Christmas superfan Corey has even more trouble focusing than he usually does. Paul tries to throw the competition to Victor, but Victor misses it by a mile and is the first to be eliminated. Corey throws another round to save Nicole, which she doesn't seem to appreciate until he gets eliminated instead of her. So Nicole ends up competing against the nominees she put up, and ends up winning against them. There's a first time for everything, and in the case of Nicole and PoV competitions, this was it.

Getting It Twisted


With Nicole holding onto all the power this week and the plan to evict Michelle still in place, Corey and Nicole have to think of something else to do with his Big Brother Bribe. But Nicole is already giving serious consideration to the idea of turning on Victor and Paul instead. Could this be the final week for the so-called Final Four?

Dissension In The Ranks


Seeing how friendly Victor has been with Nicole and Corey since his return, James and Natalie begin to suspect that the other showmance in the house might turn on them. They keep their worries between the two of them, though. Meanwhile, Paul and Nicole are living in a world of mutual trust, but Paul campaigns to be taken off the block, supposedly for reasons having to do with Nicole's "strategy." Even Nicole isn't dim enough to take that bait.

Neato Veto


Nicole isn't using the Veto, so no drama there. However, unless James or Natalie turns on Michelle (unlikely), she'll have to cast the tie-breaking vote at tomorrow's eviction! Unless she convinces a reluctant Corey to join the vote against Paul and boot him instead. She hasn't decided yet, supposedly. Get Nicole, with the HoH and the PoV and the suspense! This is turning into a huge week for her. It's so inspiring that I'm reminded of the time I saw our hamster do a half-loop on its wheel.

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