A Big Brother Alliance Has Its Weapons Cocked

Toxic masculinity floods the house. Is anyone else nauseated?

Stiff Competition


The HoH competition is still going on where we left it, with the houseguests being swung around the yard on dangling disks. James is the first to fall, which is a bit surprising given how well he usually does on endurance competitions. Bridgette falls next, but she's not too worried on account of how she was safe this week and thus that should last forever. Corey is the next to drop, because even he can't keep a six-foot-five man up there indefinitely, so he joins James and Bridgette as Have-Nots for the week. Michelle drops some time after she starts retching, but before she starts crying like an asshole again. She would cheer up if she knew how all her vomit is being blurred out for broadcast. Then Nicole goes down (just missing one of the puddles of Michelle's puke). Zakiyah drops after getting some assurances from others still in the game, which makes Paulie feel safe enough to drop out almost immediately after.

That leaves only Victor and Natalie, both holding out for letters from home. "It's a battle of who loves their mom more!" Paul announces, actually saying something funny for once. Natalie finally drops off after nearly two hours, making Victor Head of Household. Natalie is frustrated at never winning, but how much damage can Victor really do as HoH?

Aftermath Math


Zakiyah and Michelle were entirely blindsided by the 6-2 vote to evict Da'Vonne, so they were both pretty motivated to win the competition, at least at first. And Paulie not only screwed over his showmance partner at the eviction; his dropping out of the competition right after she does is an even more obvious middle finger. Clearly it means that she was the only one he didn't want to lose to. Later, when Paulie tries to snuggle up to Zakiah, he can't understand why she's pissed. She's clearly not ready to get into it with him right now, so she's holding out. Maybe that's what he was talking about in the DR when he referred to her "emotional aggression."

Also later, Paul asks Victor what Da'Vonne whispered to him on her way out, and Victor tells him about her warning that he's going to be targeted at double elimination. But all she said was "they" without saying who, and Victor's going to keep trusting his boys, because chicks, amirite?

Clique In


Paulie, Paul, James, Corey and Victor have started their own bro-lliance called the Executives. What could all of these people have in common? Well, they all have (and/or are) dicks, and nobody else in the house does. Maybe a better alliance name would be the one invented by Calvin & Hobbes artist Bill Watterson: G.R.O.S.S., or Get Rid Of Slimy GirlS. They each make up adorable little titles for themselves, and spend bit of time discussing which chicks they're going to boot and in what order, but since most of the women they're not showmancing are pretty much interchangeable to them, I don't put a lot of effort into following the discussion.

And since you apparently can't have an alliance these days without having a sub-alliance, Victor approaches Paul and Paulie to form their own secret final-three alliance, "The Board." Paul and Paulie are already covered with their secret final-two PP pact, thanks, but they manage not to laugh in Victor's face anyway. He is HoH this week, after all.

Bad Showmance


Paulie tries to smooth things over with Zakiyah, assuring her that she's safe even as he tells us in the DR how the Executives -- including himself -- want her gone. But he's lying to her to keep her from having a "meltdown" and blowing up his game, because that's the kind of awesome guy he is. Paulie shouldn't worry; Z seems to have orders of magnitude more class than he does, not that that's a high bar.

Dissension In The Ranks


James confronts Michelle about her crabbiness since the vote, and because that conversation doesn't go especially smoothly, James starts thinking Michelle might be more of a liability in the house. He doesn't have much trouble selling this to Paulie, because according to Paulie, the only thing worse than an emotional woman (in other words, a woman) is an even more emotional woman (in other words, a woman with emotions that are actually visible).

Getting It Twisted


James is the one who receives this week's Care Package, and it's a mixed blessing. He likes the socks, underwear, and sunglasses, but the ability to nullify two other houseguests' votes at the next live eviction has him feeling a little exposed. Not to worry, James; Paulie knows exactly what you're going to do with it, even if you don't yet.

Shocking Nominations


Victor nominates Zakiyah and Michelle with the most dickish speech possible. He seems to think it's in rhyming verse, which it isn't, and that it makes sense, which it doesn't. But here's a condensed version:

"I'm still butt-hurt about being evicted on a 9-1 vote, but I'm only blaming you two for it. Zakiyah, you only pay attention to Paulie and not to me, so I hate you. Michelle, you picked the wrong time to piss people off."

And then, to top it off, he throws beads at them. There's a lot of cringing going on around that table right now. Even Paulie looks like, "Whoa, that was a bit much." But as soon as it's over, with the women comforting a crying Michelle in another room, the bros all congratulate Victor, with bro-hood in full display. Including, most of all, Victor. Gross.

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