You Know How The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Feel About Potheads

Freshen up with the most important moments from S07.E19, 'My Funny Valentine.'

The Again With This podcast that illuminates these Visual Aids are more depressed than you are.

Depressed Donna's hair has never looked better.

Donna needs to console Clare about...becoming a flight attendant?

Martin-potent rage.

My basic valentine.

"Make sure to hold on the joint so the kids know what to avoid."

"Okay, go again, and this time waggle it a little so they can see it's 'wacky tobacky.' And: action!"

Luther Vandross, fire your agent.

Chloe having no chill.

Donna having, in Clare's shitty opinion, too much chill in a photo negative of The Kelly Robe.

Surprise STUFF.


And we diiiiiid see Cliff agaaaaain.

Even more STUFF, this time guilt-heeng-flavored.

The smile David never sees, paired with the kind of dressed-down outfit we don't see enough.

Alpha O jock-makeover hag returns as Dick's girlfriend/an illustration of the economy of characters' seamy dark side.

Open-mouthed cheek kisses aren't a thing, dummy.

S&P-approved blocking ensures no BevNiner viewer can possibly learn how to smoke a J.

Donna's dumb satellite-dish-array hair.

Chloe's just-as-dumb pins-to-nowhere hair and David's dumb everything.

Weed-stench rejection.

Oh good, the lemon-sucking puss is back.

Omigod FINALLY he learns how to hold a coffee receptacle by the handle!


Late-appearing beauty mark? jk, it's obviously a zit.

Apparently nobody bothered to inoculate Tom from the condescending forehead-kiss virus.

Val's (the) Mama.

Sticking the (Knots) landing on an eeeehhhhndless act-out.

We know that shirt isn't leaving much to the imaginashe, Abby, but that's your daughter. Back it up a couple steps.

You too, Judgy McLoomburger.

tfw you have to ask your cat-butt-mouthed mortal enemy to unhand your side piece.

Kelly is a bitch about Tom.

Unsexy t-shirt in bed keeps the studmania under control.

Never make this face again, particularly not when admiring Brandon's butt.

Dude. No.


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