With The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids, Everything's Just Always Difficult

Not least comprehending what possessed Jason Priestley to cast himself as an ancient German jeweler in S07.E20. NEIN!

The Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids haff uh feelink for such zinks, hm?

How is Randy uglier? Sarah's theory: that Dawson Leery coif is not playing to...whatever you might think his strengths are.

This hair looks like over-fired meringue.

"Boobs? Gross." - an asshole.

Well played, Chloe, although given that it's in pursuit of this dingus...

Either Chloe DGAF or the actor can't render same. Either way, hee.

Cute outfit, but: shut up.

You too, Brandon.

No, seriously: SHUT UP. You don't get to glare at Tracy!

"What about if I wear a suit?" No! ...Look at this fuckin' brat. Worst!

Exactly, curly-haired producer whose "henh?!" faces we always enjoy. Exaaaactly.

Now you're seeing sense, Tray. Dump his tiny ass. Now.

Sex eyes and then a question mark?

Seconds after glaring at her like she hit his car in the parking lot.

You dated it, girl.

Just a still shot to underline that Jill Novick's ugly crying is pro.

Performative moping. Note that his hand is above the cup handle but he's clearly about to pick it up by the rim, again.

No. No, no, no. Nein. Nicht. ACHTUNG! ...Sarah's out of German. Oh wait: scheisse!

Rex returns.

Along with the glare of flat loathing that Priestley seems to think is in the same neighborhood as "active listening" or whatever.

Which he also deploys on his so-called girlfriend, when HE is in the wrong, but it's okay, because...

...he used the claw machine to grab Tracy a gift! Nothing like a reject from Mr. T's House Of Crap to smooth things over.

Zip girls sure do love them a mopey beach walk.

Because she always chooses herself.

Nightmare blood.

Rex re-returns.

Hit us in the comments: was this a real slap? Because Sarah's pretty sure Mama made contact. Hard.

All better, we guess.

And we neehhhhver saw him agaaaaaain.

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