Why The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids? I Mean, Really

Squint real hard/tragically at all the most important snapshots from S09.E09. ...Actually, don't; it'll make you look 48.

The Again With This podcast died in that car.

Who came up with this gang sign, GOB Bluth?

"You know, the Dumb Baby Gang."

As incisive a critique of Donna's "fashions" as we could ask for. (Note Gina's "ha!" flinch in the background.)

Having a normal, naturalistically acted day.

Boo-boo kitty Steve = our least favorite Steve.

FOX's historic Tetris building.

The National Whisperer's punctuation intern is back on her bullshit.

Inappropriately smirky PA.

We are all Steve.

Is this orange-velour shmatte because she's a lesbian?

"But I told her, Oprah, if I can't fit in your XXXXXXL pants, it's a no-go."

Spring for the tat from the dollar machine next time, girl. These fifty-centers are no good.

Bad dad harshes mad Chad's buzz, man.

Gina's heeeee-roe, barf.

[snort] Please.

You want to "help" fix up the car? GET CLOTHES THAT FIT, AND STAND UP STRAIGHT IN THEM.

Ooooh, he's so griefy. And, you know, middle-aged.


Dead-wife oops.

Not how night sweats work, Makeup.

Fuck off.

It's like he learned to fake-smoke from a social hygiene movie about NOT smoking. His stalker lurking is quite convincing, however.

World's bottom two power-of-attorney havers.

Conflicted cat-butt.

Christmatt rein-derp antlers.

When no one respects your wishes.

When Jennie Garth forgot not to be a bitch about it.

Scary Christmas!

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