Why Are The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Acting So Erratic?

If we had to guess, it's because Candyman is looming over us as we collect the most important visuals from S07.E11!

The Again With This podcast these Visual Aids illustrate lost it. It just completely lost it.

Montecito Stress, chapter the first of of 1,843.

E. Coliar.

Fig. 1, "Lamps, Manson."

It's still better than dinner with Brandon.

Speaking of whom, nobody believes your cock is that big, friendo. Stop manspreading.

The tribunal, already so over it, they're under it. #freeWhitmore

Steve makes yet another trip to Cafe Bust-elo.

Professor laughing alone with coffee.

Endangered mascot number one.

Endangered mascot number two. Did the Condor stand them up for a networking thing?

Cuck sets trap, somewhat undermined by cucky cowlick.

L'affaire Bray-fus.

Steve works the angles.

The angles ain't havin' it.

Dad's punishment. Steve has to clean the garage and weed the yard after this.


Nothing says "Bev Ninersgiving" like a raw turkey and some cream soda. Blurf.

I mean, it's been worse? But it still looks like bad Revolutionary War cosplay.

Massive shirt is massive, buttoned stupidly.

The David hissyfit troika.

Meet Dr. Candyman.

Okay with the artsy looming at intake, jeez.

"Doc, I had that sexy music-video nightmare again. What do you think it means?"

The '90s-est nap. Also, get your shoes off the couch, Martin, other people want to sit there.

Like a unicorn in an XXXXL t-shirt: Pleasant David.

Putting the "ee-yew" in "reunion."

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