What Did The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Think Of My Editorial?

Insert the 'it sucks!' sound drop here as you confront all the most important snapshots from S08.E28!

The Again With This podcast NEVER jokes about plastic surgery.

This is just a great catalog concept. ...But so what is the concept, though?

Monica, shattered by harsh words from a dumb baby.

Cutting: The Melodramastical Silent Film

Oh no, she's bleeding nail polish!

Creepy smile contest! Although it's not impossible that Monica's smile is actually a vurp-suppressor, inches away as she is from that revolting cleavern.

Cleavern/updo combo hideosity. Like, she looks like a factory-second candle from the Gorey store.

Photo himbo.

"Looks don't matter" is a pretty convenient stance for this one, no? Not that it's believable in the second place when she has 15 pounds of makeup on.

We get it. Strawberry Shitforbrains over here is a saint. Could somebody demonstrate an actual hug for this fool?

Mustard tones: for when you absolutely positively must "humorously" peer-pressure a seldom-seen tertiary character into having a lunchtime bachelor party.

Venerated publication Playpen.

So not only can Brandon not hold a mug correctly most of the time; he can't even hold it consistently within the same line of dialogue.

A farewell to hands.

Pleated Avenger: The Broodening.

Reading am hard.

Yet another Erin.

Trump finger.

This graceless Tori Spelling product placement will not distract us from noting that Kelly wore massive block heels to a movie.

Didn't want to ask your interviewee's name/get her permission, there, Slob Woodward? Cool cool, good journalisming.

Maybe take care of the blow-up-doll housekeeping before you open, Dennis Eckersley.

Man-cave preservation bray.

Unsexy foot-massager foreplay.

Even unsexier celebration of helping a friend get a public Woodrow.

Pretty sure the bach queso doesn't require the services of A SURVEYOR, you little creep. Put the bowl down and go play in traffic.

The unsexiest collar/lapel combo.

You hate each other. We totally empathize. JUST BREAK UP.

Yes please.

David is an idiot.

This canyon's attorney would like a word.

Kama-sutra kit slash barf bucket.

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