We're Not Going To Have A Family Because I Can't Give You One

Kelly's relief at not being pregnant this time is quickly replaced by heartbreak that she might not get pregnant ever (and that the cat butt mouth line will end with her).

In Season 7's penultimate episode, Donna finally sits her exam for the dreaded Prof. Langely, promptly chokes, and then does a piss-poor job of asking for another chance; Steve is shocked to learn that Rush has no intention of giving him a sweetheart job as a junior partner (of/in what?) since they've never actually discussed it at any point, ever, and learning that Clare's considering moving to Paris with her dad doesn't improve his mood; and while Val continues working Parker Lewis for access to Bill Taylor -- who's now actually touched down in Los Angeles -- Kelly is shocked to learn that her dreams of biological motherhood might never come true, and barren crones Sarah and Tara try their best to empathize with her situation.

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