Well, What The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids SAY Happened

While we're looking up the 'statute' for punching this dingleberry to death, check out key snapshots from S09.E08!

The Again With This podcast is trying here, okay?

[Beavis voice] Noice.

This lady does not age.

When everyone's dismayed by the pointlessness of this scarf placement.

Barry is derpy.

Well, this isn't too embarrassing...although in light of her behavior in another plotline we're not sure "Yvonne" is in a position to judge.

Good ol' Gramps McSelfrighteousnessvehicle.

There's a woodcut of this cat-butt face in the dictionary next to "bratty."

This shopping plaza is really a stalkers' paradise.

We invite you to punch this. Hard.

Secret Smoker puts off nic fix to bore Steve with his problems.

Before wannabe hard-ass Dylan wipes the smile off her face...and ours.

Hey, it's Mrs. Teasley's college roommate!

Secret Smoker wears a sweater with no shirt underneath.

Nice try with the "teenybop" styling but you're still 35. It might help if you weren't rocking the exact same tendril placement as Jennie Garth.

Although apparently weird deposition hair is genetic, because Denise Sr. looks like a Sunbrella.

...One you could still fit easily in David's octuple-XL jacket.

Val's old Kenny love nest gets recycled.

Time to fire the Props intern.

Punch this too, even harder, and give that jacket back to Bonaduce.

Why does he bother doing his dumb radio show from the PPAD when he could run an entire station, including the antenna, from his fuckin' pants?

Hey, shithead: SHE STILL COULDN'T GIVE CONSENT. Guys: we hate him so very much.

Nice belt holster for your cellular there, DAD.

Keep it in your pants, Kincaid.

Tara's ready for these shoes to come back, "sorry."

Jesus, Gina. HER?

Extremely not Cartier.

She really should be a shampoo spokesmodel.

When you nailed it.

Nice shoulder cardigan. For someone who hates Felice, this lewk is an awfully on-point homage.

Mirror goober.

Take it OUT TO THE DUMPSTER, Donna. Or get a bigger kitchen trash can like a real person. Use David's pants!

Grumpy midriffs by the sea.

Dumb babies gonna dumb baby.

tfw your scheming went for naught.

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