They Say That The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are The Best Medicine

They're wrong, of course -- the best medicine is cake -- but we went ahead and collected the most notable snapshots from S07.E03 anyway.

The Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids is going to computerize the bar.

We get what they're going for, but it's not working, and it's not going to work until she gets a hot oil and a henna rinse. It's like someone permed and restraightened a mushroom cap.

Matters do not improve, either.

So Mark's a trust fund kid, then? (Who's presumably using David's giant shirt to store a few pallets of krugerrands?)

Because when a straight guy notices jewelry, which they do all the time, it's not because he wonders why his hapless sidepiece spent the bulk of a 10K check for her business on a bracelet. ...ffs.

Yeah, that's not awkward or obvious at all, "secret" lovers.

Although, in Kenny's defense, he could be horrified not just at running into Valerie but that her last assignation was clearly a three-way with an icepick and an electrical socket.

...No, it's that first thing, and you know who's picking up what her husband is putting down? Dianne.

Kenny's gettin' upset!

Poor Jimmy, living out his last days in the chilly shadow of St. Kelly.

Hal 2020.

Hal / Cake 2020.

Someone had a cocktail or four on the flight. (Wish that someone were us.)

Airport bray.

Good choice. We like her already.

What is with the Brandon-hitting-people-in-the-head STUFF all the damn time? He can't even reach most of the heads in question, and if he could, it's still not funny!

Not to speak ill of the dead, because the late Julie Parrish is doing her best with this garbage, but maybe she'd be able to play these third-trimester hijinks a little better if her entire pregnancy hadn't been telescoped into, tops, four months. And if she weren't, you know, way too old for this plotline to work. And if anyone cared, which we surely do not.

Maybe his eye was wandering away from that hair, hunty.

One barrette will more than do it.

As if the "freaky chick tries to corrupt Brandon" arc weren't exhausted enough, she's wearing foundation garments from 99-Cent Rush.

The idea is to foreshadow that only a stripper dances in undies and pumps, but since Wardrobe chose to put Lily in a pair of city-government-sensible heels that don't even have a clear platform sole...

Now that Sarah's started harping on this hateful bit of blocking, she can't stop. Arms. Sides. Get the knack.

The way Tata is overacting "busted at the peeler bar," you'd think there was meth in that orange juice.


When a woman won't just let you do the talking.

tfw Tara texted you a picture of Mads Mikkelsen.

Is the wedding being held inside this jacket? Is Brandon's shelf hair the chuppah?

Hal / Willie And Cake, 2020.

This is your wedding hair? I know you're about to drop a kid and you've done this before, but: any product. At all. Come on.

Suck it, Taylor.

Worst labor ever: 1) Kelly is there; 2) a virgin is videotaping the proceedings.

Shut up, Kelly. You chose you, and then Colin, and then had a stupid meltdown about Steve slut-shaming you, so if someone else wants to perform the odious chore of fucking Brandon, EYES ON YOUR OWN PAPER.

No one wanted this.

No one wanted this, either.

Welcome to the world, Frankie! Sorry no one cares about you or your boring parents.

Fine: aw.

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