The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids TOOK THE JOB?!

Susan apologizes one last maddening time in the Season 6 finale. WE apologize for the horror that awaits you in this collection of photos.

Just tell the Again With This podcast about "You Say It's Your Birthday" that you're a virgin. It worked for us.

Courtesy of Tara, an octych of self-tanner disasters. For Sarah's money, Donna's is more hideous, but Val's is offensively close to blackface in a couple of scenes.

Kelly is even a bitch about eating strawberries, which she does more than any other character on TV.

Good for Mombo Chicken...?

Eric's handsy dancing is annoying, but the "subplot" about his desperation isn't cute, or interesting. Donna's in a tough spot with it work-wise, granted, but one of the others couldn't just tell him to fuck off and get him kicked off the boat?

The giant blazer of justice.

Chicken's done!

That rare creature, genuinely funny STUFF.

Aaaaaand returning to the "h...a?" mean.

A little reunion shmoop to celebrate the2834kjnszzzz

Are Brandon and Randy side-eyeing Susan's look, or her decision to pack up her whole office when she'll be back on campus in three months anyway?

Trapezoid Hair is unconscionably smug some more.

Oh, sure: the Campaign campaign. (Not sure which infuriated Tara more, this or the anniversary jigsaw puzzle.)

Brandon signals his secret doubts with a Dawsonian nostril flare.

Sarah shares those doubts when it comes to Susan's hair in these late-season episodes. Not that a "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" homage is unwelcome at this plot juncture...

...but what is this an homage to, the satellite-dish array in Contact?

Our fists TOOK A JOB for your face, dicksmack. Back your shit UP.

Because we really can't overemphasize how not okay it is for him to get in her space in this manner, the still version.

Looks good on you, asswipe.

OOOO-oooh, a mean kiss! Guys. He's such a little shitsmear.

Why is Donna's hair always so crazy overdone? Just put it in a ponytail. You're a college student.

"Yours very truly, Dylan McKay (Graduate, Peirce Ladies' College Of Business And Shorthand)"

More like "Fabulous Boobs Inspector," are we right?

You know we are.

Bawwwww, Mini Ziering.

Ohhhhhndrea models the latest tonsorial lewk from the LPGA tour.

And nana-claps.

Steve's cake. The Steve portion looks more like Josh Pais than Ian Ziering, but does appear edible, which is pretty impressive.

Not so Richard's bangs, which are seriously combed from the back of his head, we...think? No bueno.

Clare-swain face-off! DUNNNN!

Love that whoever crafted the Steve standee used a shot of him in a Rush-ian black turtleneck and one of his most Pleated Avenging pairs of pants.

Here's where we usually tell the artist involved to call his/her agent, but...we're betting the Goo Goo Dolls no longer have one.

Clare's party palette is...a lot. Her hair's relatively sane in this shot, though.

Sincerely: what the hell. Let's say she did agree to become Princess Mrs. Carl Of Pavonia; where do you even start to try positioning a crown in this teased-up wimple?

The Moms Of Romantic Leverage.

Nope, still a frog.

Way to keep a low pro, bro.

Colin adds a charge of attempted mustache to his lengthy list of misdeeds.

Ziering makes his own fun reacting to Pauly Shore's juicy beeyalch.

Bunting makes HER own fun GIFfing Brandon getting punched in the face.

Fisticuff STUFF.

No, really with this mustache. There's a woodcut of this nonsense in the dictionary next to "patchy."

Super-Pursuit Mode Brandon, who seems to think he's in T2: The Musical.

All better! Until their next dumb plot-purgatory fight.

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