The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids May Be Blind, But They Taught Us How To See

...that Colin is an asswipe. Peep all the most important moments from S06.E26, 'Flirting With Disaster'!

The Again With This podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids can't wait anymore.

The "sexy" "Canadians"...

...that make the gang dudes forget all about their regular old "dates."

They are the worst at spy.

One of Brandon's most obnoxious hands-in-jeans-pockets poses.

Another one, this one accessorized with the classic Brandon stare of flat loathing...and a risible cube pouf that makes him look like a Liquid Television character.

Meet Graham the not-great dad, and Heidi the very good guide dog. Who's a good guide dog? Is that you? Is that you? ...Look, you make your own fun in the post-Brenda episodes.

Leave some angry painting faces for everyone else, Pic-ASS-o.

Art so bad, you can feel it.

Peeping Tara seethes, possibly because it isn't possible to run a hand up her nape and not knock her plasticene wig off.

More's the pity. God, that shit is bad. It's like someone drowned an octopus in Trump's spray tan.

Revenge of '70s b-roll.

This arm-link is all the oogier because Tara's a foot shorter than Greg.

Greg may have gotten into medical school, but he's still dumb enough to fall for Tara's manipulations, and Kelly is a bitch about it. She's not wrong, for once.

Neither are these shoes, actually. Would wear.

Tara's trying to keep her machinations on the down-low, no? So who is this silent-movie celebration for -- her new BFFs the blinds? CUT.

Yet more creepy celebrating, as if she has the right to be smug with that day-old linguine on her head.

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