The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Know What You Did

And they're sick of David's attitude. And XXXXXXL pants. And a bunch of the other horrifying snapshots we collected from S08.E12.

Didn't you read your Again With This podcast manual?

Love among the raisins.

Which is great and all, but pretty much screws Carly on childcare.

Tara and Sarah contemplate another sex-jinks storyline.

Is he going undercover on a juggling story? FOH with that vest, nozz.

Emma, tiresome try-hard.

Brandon's attempt at sex eyes, somewhat undercut by a) the turtleneck; b) the weird clot of lint on the neck of the turtleneck; and c) the fact that they look identical to his condescension eyes.

Such a very soapy camera set-up.

More extremely hard trying. This pose looks uncomfortable enough; on top of it, Sarah's pretty sure Emma is only wearing a bra under her suit jacket.

tfw you know more than a woman about rape culture, and express it in infuriating leg pats and glib head cocks. Emphasis on "cocks." HE IS THE WORST.

More sex eyes, which even Emma seems to find ridiculous. Like, it looks like he's trying to blink out a grain of pollen.

"Felice Martin IS...The Cooler."

"Great," Donna learned kissing from Brandon.

Definitely not The Gap.

Or the 3rd Street Promenade Urban Outfitters. jk, it totally is. You can see where Sarah snagged that embroidered cuff at the bottom left there.

Managing a club is hard! Managing a club while trying to pass a dodecahedron poo is RILLY hard!

Jesus, Donna, just kill him.

The Sony Sports Walkman everyone had (kids, ask your parents).

Wish David had asked his parents about greezing up a stranger's earbuds with his earwax, or fucking off during work hours. Melissa, c'est nous.

None of this okay -- not the utterly '90s headband, not the cleavern, not the 16 pounds of makeup for day, none of it.

Seriously: kill him! He doesn't even have a napkin under that crapwich! Call the cops on his ass! If they can find it in those pants.

Hey, Putting The "No" Back In "Jay Leno": never make this face again. Ever.


Is the guy in the beige suit shocked that Noah is a secret swell? Or that his allegedly upper-crusty parents raised him to wear that Filene's situation to a boat auction?

Whoever consistently blocked every actor in the Zip to kiss like it's a pie-eating contest needs to be retroactively fired.

Along with the PA in charge of spelling proper names, because: no.

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