The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Just Wanted Daddy To Know His Options

Apparently one of them was NOT telling his dumb baby offspring to shut the F up in the Visual Aids for S07.E24.

The Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids thought we were past all this.

So the big premiere is a leather-jacket-and-pants kind of "big," eh? Meaning...not that big?

Lights on; nobody home. (And not that it was worth clipping two shots of her to make this point, but FWIW, the Next Big Thing is going to have had her teeth unjanked before she's bearding with Rob.)

...Like we said: the party is happening at 11:45 AM, so, obviously a BFD.

We get it, Dogboy. You speak bass. Stop it now.

Alan is cucked. Not that gloating ever works out for Valerie but we'll let her have it this once.

Do we know Donna can peel an orange with two hands, though? Or what an orange is?

Dumb Baby Helmethead is mad! And dumb.

Guh, how did this actually work on Felice?!

Shut up, Donna.

Callback prisms that will now ladle a heaping helping of complex migraine onto Dr. Martin's other neurological issues. COOL.

Donna, please put the "ex" back in "XXXXXXXXXXL" for this lewzer.

Four-pound-chain bray.

The family that plaids together.

The chair of symbolism.

The pregnancy shirt.

Fear not, gentle reader -- this tableau of Asian decorating clichés and Brandon grinding plane filth into the couch with his doofy boots was accompanied by a racist music cue. [GONG]

Even jet lag won't put an end to the ridiculous blocking being perpetrated around Brandon's hands and his pants. Just put your entire hand in your entire pocket, you arsehole.

Looks like the hold-the-mug-stupidly thing is genetic.

This is really way too close for a father and son to be "whispering" to each other when they're...not even bothering to whisper.

Meanwhile, at a Mongolian buffet in Van Nuys...

We're so grateful to Steve's butt for killing off The Fraught Chair, we won't even mention that he's dressed like a desk clerk at the Reno Sheraton. ...Oh, look what we just did.

Who wears an open-collar shirt and blazer to go flea marketing? Someone who totally farted, is who.

Paps shoot the door. ...k? Although in their defense, it's first thing in the morning; maybe they haven't had coffee yet.

Kelly smugs.


Hateful in Hong Kong.

Because TRACY is the problem.

Shut up, ring; Kelly; and corny box purchased at Pier One.

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