The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Have The Support Of The Constitution

Anyone punching Brandon in his dozen smug faces from S08.E11 has the support of your co-hosts.

It's the Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids. Leave a message and we might return it.

Much improved hair; same old cat-butt mouth.

Hero doctor! ...For now.

Continued raging undercut somewhat by VERY deep-pile chenille.

Bad look, bro. And we don't mean the mustard sweater. ...Well, that too.

Even worse look. Your death sentence wasn't commuted. Settle.

Don't be so proud of him for not being a BIGGER asshole, Carly.

A bray-ker's dozen ADA dickfaces.

You can still fire him, Ann! Preferably into the sun, headfirst!

Kind of like someone should do to whomever approved these two shitbitches tagging along on a buy-and-bust.

The late-'90s-est plastic purse that ever late-'90s-ed.

"When you're a pimp, you're a pimp all the way..."

It's a flight to London, not prom.

Not the last we'll see of this deeply upsetting cleavern, alas. Lift and separate, Lucy.

Monkey is confuse.

If he couldn't make rent, how'd he afford so many kitchen appliances? Did he steal those from Donna too?

I think we get it.

Literal poser. (He holds this blocking for like 20 minutes. Weird.)

Dylan was no James Dean either, sir, so: leave it out.

omfg, the rings and now he's holding his coffee cup like Brandon? In the words of our esteemed colleague Paul Quinn, "This mofo. I can't."

Well, we'll tell her anything.

Hat tip for the slap at speed, but she's so obviously still a foot short of him when she swings.

And probably should have waited for this super-off-putting money-angst bray before taking her wind-up, IOO.


But while you're up, maybe ask her what is this hair, because we do not understand it, at all.

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