The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Have An On-Camera Meltdown

But they didn't get too drunk on Scotch to collect all the most notable screenshots from S07.E04!

The Again With This podcast these Visual Aids cover really wants to go through this alone.

We never thought we'd say this, but: poor Kenny. Wait to be asked with the baby pictures, Nat.

The Pleated Avenger II: Sex Pirate.

Hard to see why she's wasting that world-class rack on this smeg.

If you want your dad to give you money, stop stuffing your bitchface for five seconds and do him the courtesy of meeting his eye.

Donna is a good friend. Whoever styled Donna's hair to look like a decomposing ass is not.

Not how you take a check, Ambassador -- although if he couldn't stand to be around that Elephant Man cosplay poo-ffant one moment longer, we can kind of understand.

Apparently the chill between these two is...not figurative.

The stiff separates don't so much sell Donna's Beach Blanket Dingle look as make it even sadder.

You mean to tell us this fucknuts actually bothered to salt the rim of his Eeyorgarita? (The overzealous props department no doubt helped themselves between takes and we support that fully.)

What even is this. What. Why.

Revenge of Real World Beth.

Tracy Gaylian at her most interesting. (...Exactly.)

Two guys taking a woman to a second location to get her puking drunk: hilaaaaarious.

The control room, it us.

Looks good on you, idiot.

Nope, not panicking at all. Just contracting her mouth into a cat-butt black hole for funsies.

Oh no, not THE AIDS RASH!!1

It's not outside the realm of possibility that Kathleen Robertson's stylist was on orders to try to make her look worse than Tori. And it almost worked with this foolishness.

But nothing's going to beat this in the fugly department. Call the Hague.

Pretty smug besties snap for someone who 1) doesn't know how AIDS is transmitted, and 2) blew off her project "friend" until she knew she wasn't infected. Asshole.

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