The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Don't Want To Argue

Except over whose hairstyle is more bafflingly hideous, as we examine all the key snapshots from S08.E24.

Has the Again With This podcast mentioned it could kill Brandon for this?

Meet Woody. He'll be a lot happier to see you than he is to see David.


WE like him already...

The Oversized Velour Of Yearning.

Embarrassing rock cube-poo faces.

And their malign opposite number, embarrassing jazz-noodling O-faces.

Welcome to Donna's Doodlearium, where no hairstyle can remain fully in its receptacle!

Please, please stop mugging. Please.

"And I am telling you the cleavern is not going!"

What is this robe, and why do your co-hosts hate it so? (Especially Sarah, who should be glad someone on this risible program can put his hands fully into pockets?)

Why is this clip?

Dumb baby, interview-inappropriate cleavern celebrate fraudulent win; film at eleven.

We lived in the time when death merchants COULD advertise in print, and they had far better ad designers than this.

Must have been the same PA who choreographed this slap, which looks like a small, disheveled bear swatting at a bee.

Learn another face, Jill.

Even Kelly's handshake sucks. The actual Queen of England is like, "FOH with that."

Sudden-onset homophobia's symptoms include cat-butt mouth, a hairdo shaped like an actual anvil.

Oh good, Sean Donelly is back to disappoint Kelly again. ...No, seriously. We hope she cries and cries.

The way we did at her hair in this episode. What did Jennie Garth do to Hair and Makeup that they're letting her do actual takes looking like this?

Ugh, stay out of "gender issues," Beat. Also learn what they are.

Miss Alba regrets.

Boy, this Godfather remake sucks.

Who cares what Brandon's concern brow thinks about anything, but especially this.


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