The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are Trying Really Hard To Be Strong Here

But Kelly is a bitch about it (despite being offscreen for, like, half the episode) in the most significant screenshots from S08.E03!

The Again With This podcast that pairs with these Visual Aids can do boxy, it can do can do whatever you need.

Steve is feeling things in public again, so that he knows he exists.

"You're at an 11, and I need you at like a 4."

Charlotte, whose taste in both v-necks and prospective agents could use some fine-tuning.

More off-brand KEG nerds.

Beer guy joins the long list of people hard-passing David's bullshit.

Is this the Bling Ring house?

At last, a positive to this episode: Valerie's undies.

Which she immediately cancels out with this, Sarah's least favorite hair-unstyling affectation: the hair through the ballcap loop. Just find an elastic, ladies. This isn't cute.

Kids love a good broccoli sneak.

This hug is weird. It's like Steve's adjusting a Kevlar vest.

Outside-closet STUFF.

Aaaaand inside-closet STUFF, which would be flagrant...if anyone cared, which, yeah.

What not to wear to an interview for a fashion job.

tfw she wants to live in sin.

Did Tori Spelling literally learn to hug from playing with Barbies? It's like she doesn't know the human elbow moves through more than one axis.

In which Jackie mentally prepares several grafs of car talk on David's ridonkulous XXXXXXL attire.

Indeed, Felice. Indeed.

For a key that fraught, maybe spring for a keychain?

Just pass out already, Jesus. The "kitten choking on string" noises aren't diagnostically helpful.

Sorry you took this call, Robert Gossett, but hang in there. It's only a few years 'til The Closer.

Nice frock, Lizzie Bennet. Will you be presiding over tea and Bugles in the hospital lounge?

Boob Cavern is concerned.

Just break up, you hate each other.

Eeeeeasy, Punisher. Don't want to wrinkle that linen shirt any further.

LOL you are not even a little bit tough.

Jackie expresses dismay at her hair downgrade, and probably that cardi. Oh, and Kelly getting shot, we guess.

Finally, an actual fox in the form of Dr. Daniel Dae Kim.

Who apparently is the shooter, if we're basing our conclusions on the group's 'tude in this shot. Dial it down, assholes.

Who invited Bargain Dylan to this hoedown?

Uch, go back to sleep, Cat-Butt.

He must know it looks like this in profile, and yet he still does this hair.

Who are we rooting for here? Because Bargain Booker in the line-up over there is making it a tougher choice than we'd like.

Tara tagged this photo "the one time this expression makes sense." Sarah would like to agree, but doesn't have the first idea what "this" expression even is. Loathing? Dread? "Shit, I left my wallet on top of the car and then pulled out of the Citgo back in Barstow"?

This encouraging squeeze is blocked an awful lot like the way Priestley usually weirdly drapes his hands around his pockets.

Hee hee hee: "Who are you?" EXACTLY.

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