The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are Talking To You About Death

The sweet icy relief of which you will long for after peeping all the most important snapshots from S07.E29.

Whew, the Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids is cold.

Whatever, Martha. And when you're done breaking into and using Steve's mom's Mother's Day gift, go back to the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 wardrobe trunk you got this rifuckulous shmatte from and light the entire thing on fire, including yourself.

Okay, fine: ha.

The braless grief-versary look. Maybe put that sweater ON if it's that cold in there?

Photo album, or decorative toilet-paper hutch cover?

This is definitely really Kathleen Robertson's mom. Also, aw.

That's what she said. (And: as if they'd have that mag on the coffee table. Did Dylan leave that there like two seasons ago or something?)

Langley 2020.

Langley STUFF.

Because why wouldn't Valerie want to hurl herself at this dickface.

The latest from the Fruit Stripe spring line.

Fruit Stripe boob cavern.

Um, you're in public? (Why Felice is beaming at this behavior when David can't buy a smile any other time is beyond us.)

It's called "a size medium." Find one. Do it today.

Valerie should perhaps be a bit more concerned that Parker Lewis is borrowing jackets from high-school David.

Perhaps the prematurity of this celebration is reflected in the take-14 flatness of the champers.

Because who doesn't wait for her period in winter-white jammies? (Also, she's...going to be waiting for a while, if you know what we mean. Like another three to four months.)

We meet again, 4-Tell.

Must every meep-and-deaningful on this show occur 1) on a beach, 2) in Mennonite-volume clothing?

The Elaine Benes Memorial Prego Table.

Okay, her mouth is tiny, but at least TRY to color inside the lines? She looks like she has novelty wax lips on.

Jackie's only possible response to this dumb hair.

Sad in bed (where the duvet can hide Garth's belly).

The crappiest tribute.

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