The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are Ready Now

...for Steve and Janet to finally become boyfriend-girlfriend. All the other important pics from S09.E16? We might need a minute.

The Again With This podcast is nothing but trash.

[sung to tune of "Jimmy Loves Marianne"] Stewart and Marianne / try-hard gonna get her maaa-aaaaan.

Bring it down a notch, Fauxsie and the Banshees.

Best actor in the episode. Hey, buddy.

Don't snack-shame the wildlife, guys.

Feel free to make-out-shame these weirdos, however. What's with the mid-deuce smooching?

Relationship defined, FINALLY.

Because we're all vulnerable to The Steve Smile.

Love, and Urban Outfitters necklaces, bloom in the wild.

Gina and Dylan are everyone when wedding stories go on longer than 30 seconds rude.

Kelly Taylor IS...The Brunch Crasherrrrrr.

And is a bitch about it, and despite the fact that she has been a bitch about something in literally every scene they have ever shared, it is awkward for Matt, instead of as familiar as the bathwater his personality invokes.

Same, David.

In fact, it's kind of how we feel about this blocking.

More gross kissing. Could someone direct Tori that he's not a nacho platter?

Inequitable Aloha-Spirit Disbursement Commission, may we help you?

Crazy eyes...but kind of charming? Maybe it's the pigtails, which aren't crazy HAIR for a change.

Still: decaf, perhaps.

Grow up, Kelly's handwriting. If you're old enough to rob a bank to afford this car, you're old enough for script.

I mean, right? The bow alone is like $150.

Well, this is going great.

Nooooo no no, Hair/Makeup. She's the one with the pretty, normal hair.


[banner unfurling] Manipul-ission Accomplished!

When it's your 500th fuck-up (and you have to poo) (and the poo is a cube).

Toodle-oo, rookie.

"At least get me a frosty beverage whose name I'm struggling to recall rn?"

Weirdly prissy pose on David here. Are his legs also demurely crossed at the ankles?

Same, Don.

Too smug...but we're not mad at the lipstick.

Not Kelly's best look.

Better'n this shit, though. Man, they really hate her.

Regrets / he's had...them all.

Here we fucking go...again, with this. DRINK!

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