The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are Nothin' But A Big Ball Of Gas

And Rob's 'authentic' woodworking is nothin' but corn as we collect the most important snapshots from S07.E23.

The Again With This podcast that illuminates these Visual Aids actually demanded their quota.

We're not mad at Handyman Rob. Well, until he starts talking.

Alan. Sarah forgot to mention the Dogboy squareness of his coif in the pod, so she's clocking it now.

Corny mirror is corny.

Get a real bed, Rob. And real curtains.

Deal closed!


Exhibit A in the case against Jason Priestley drinking a bunch of Mountain Dew on his shooting days.

Tracy and her hideous velour shirt are somehow shocked that Brandon failed to care about her again, some more.

Well played, shit-stirrer. Well played.

Nobody is buying this, Brandon. ANY effort at all would have helped you here. Also not being a cock.

...Our point.

And yet Doormatcy still helps out with the sandbags...and gets this for her trouble. DTMFA, good God.

Not least for his utter inability to use pockets like a human being.

Aaaaand his braying at YOU for having the temerity to want him to care about you.

Cat-butting alone with probably not a salad.

Joey "hides." We "care."

Pregnancy sweater.

Stop sneaking up on a woman who has been stalked twice, you asshole. Unless, as Sarah theorizes, the flapping of his XXXXXL clothing lets Donna know he's behind her yards in advance.

Also visible yards in advance: Dr. Martin's stroke.

tfw your future crappy son-in-law can't tell you're undergoing a major neurological event.

Well, it's no "Nat hits the deck with a coronary," but it's pretty silent-movi-ly amusing IOO.

Note that David may actually be responsible for cutting off Dr. Martin's oxygen supply here, if not for the stroke itself.

Speaking of silent movies: CAR! PHONE! HORROR!

Because staring moistly at the patient is an effective treatment.

Anyone else suspect Dr. Martin is just pretending to stare obliviously so that Donna will leave him alone to nap?

Aw, they DO miss him!

This performance and this lamp are both a lot.

Sneaking up on Joey, however, is fine. Weird, but fine.

Unfrozen Caveman Stepdad is relieved.

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