The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are Not A Criminal

But Terruh Streetchild's wig is, as we collect all the most notable looks from S06.E23!

Ride with the Again With This podcast these Visual Aids accompany, or it rides alone.

Clare's hair, now with very bright skunk stripelet, continues to baffle.

Hard no on this Monegasque-Formula-One cosplay.


Joe has not shampooed his hair in days and is wearing The Nineties Plaid Gap Buttondown Of Depression. Donna has gone the other direction, sporting literally all the makeup in the Zip code and a Victoria's Secret For The Office suit jacket that looks highly flammable.

There's casting a guy who looks the midwestern-stick-in-the-mud conservative part, and then there's this guy, who's too old and couldn't look less like Joe's biological brother if he were a person of color in the second place.

"This Magazine: An Examination Of Recovery's Liminal Spaces," By A Redhead.

"Process And Heuristics In 20th-Century Rehabilitation Argot," By A Redhead. ...Okay, fine, but seriously, why can't they just show the sign and cut her out of the shot?

Cashmere: it goes with everything! Even the pharaonic doll-hair headdress they're calling a wig here!

This gut-punched cat-butt reaction is all the more satisfying when Kelly immediately lashes out at Valerie, who owes her nothing, instead of Colin, who was actually her boyfriend and could have waited more than a morning to glom onto someone else.


Admiring the stars you can't see, on a balcony whose light is completely unflattering, made of concrete that desperately needs a power-wash.

"'In The Rooms': Popular Literature And Community In Medicalized Treatment Facilities," By Buntsy M. Akesherownfun.

Oh "good," Danny 5 is back.

And so is the weird Jame Gumb blocking he's allowed to indulge in. My kingdom for an oral history of how this actor was directed, seriously.

Colin's anti-enabling bray isn't having it either, although it's a close call as to who's the less impressive actor in this scene.

Enter Kelly's next blandly inoffensive beefcake pro tem, Dr. Greg.

Colin and his overrinsed jean jacket are disgraced.

Dramatic Chipmunk gets a stalker?

The only hair that can survive a convertible ride. And if a fistful of pomade doesn't work, try weighing your hair down with one of your 185 bracelets.

Big dog meets tiny man.

Passive-aggressive sensei also meets tiny man.

The slings and arrows of outrageous STUFF.

TFW your surviving daughter is boning a judgy midget.

Who doesn't know the shortest, most basic and memorable quotation in American political history but somehow has the hand gesture down?

And who, while copying Dylan, eventually forgot how to use the goddamn handle of a coffee mug. Still knows how to stare at another family's dysfunction with superior loathing, though. Cock.

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