The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are Doing Their Best To Hate That Guy

But, as usual, it's Brandon who's the (world's tiniest) lightning rod for our ire in the most noteworthy visuals from 'Nancy's Choice.'

The Again With This podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids is usin', not abusin'.

Clare's sexy-Grimace frock.

Speaking of grimacing, that's what we're doing when confronted with a veritable hive of problematic in Elle's return.

We don't want to find Ian Ziering's reactions amusing here, because the storyline is transphobic and we'd kind of rather he cheated it, but...hee. With an asterisk.

No defense for the overcompensatory "hijinks," though.

Or for the offensive jazz-handsy gait Brandon's got going here.

In which Steve is discomfited, Clare has Val-worthy cleavage, and you can practically hear the blood stampeding into the Little Chancellor.

Way to play it cool, guys.

Well, at least someone's enjoying this C-plot.

Donna joins us in tiring of Kelly's bullshit.

And Kelly is, spoiler, a bitch about it.

And someone in Hair was a bitch about Jennie Garth, because: no.

The worst art yet.

Not that surprising, given the myriad mistakes on display around Colin's collarbone.

"Have you been working out?"

Susan foreshadows her Maude moment with a top another Bea Arthur character, Dorothy Zbornak, would have worn.

And boy, do we wish Dorothy were in this scene to step on this hateful little shit and kill him.


Wait: we spoke too soon. WORRRRRRRST.

We try so hard to root for Susan, but she keeps rewarding Brandon for behaving like a cock.

...Right? It's not worth it, gurl.

Cake derp.

She's not a stress ball, Jones. Ease up on the squishing.

And that's why you stand, ass -- so you don't get cucked. Again.

"Phew," we guess?

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