The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are APPALLED

...that Brandon didn't draw back a stump after putting his finger in the Chancellor's face. Many more hateful Brandon moments after the jump!

Can the Again With This podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids cut to the chase, Mr. Walsh?

Yeah, that's...not a platonic smooch. Hands in the car, Taylor.

This poker face is both terrible, and identical to the ones we were making while the show tried to force us to care about Mark's dumb birthday.

The thinning floof of suspicion.

Mango away, dude.

Wholesome, mentally healthy fun as definitely not probably recommended by the Church of Scientology!

The Church of Giant Pantsology recommends you change out of those denim tentaloons before your gears grab themselves a slice and fuck you up but good.

Maybe if WE get lucky, Donna will start wearing a wig, because... No! What is the inspiration for this, the bomb on the bus in Speed?

Not that her romantic rival's coif is much better, although I guess now she can solve some of her cashflow problems by turning the PPAD into an immersive Hairspray experience?


Relieved -- probably because he thinks Brandon will stop pulling loathing/-some faces in his direction.

Well, another think has come.

Suit jacket; t-shirt; khakis; hiking boots; mushroom haircut. Okay, Crocodile Dumb-dee.

Rage pouf is ragey.

That's about the right face for this hair.

Performative cracking of the ol' law books in the Good Old Student Union.

No one to root for here.

What's the fleece blazer? (..."Fleezer"? "Bleece"?) It's like a chenille throw with pockets got hurled onto him from overhead.

Except maybe the lightning bolt the Chancellor is clearly hoping hits the room imminently.

You know how it's basically not possible to take a picture of Sarah Huckabee Sanders that doesn't look like she's belching? Brandon is that, and the belches are brays, and we fucking hate him so much, y'all.

We feel you, lady.

Proud idiot saves the day. (But somehow didn't fail the entire class? ...Why do we bother.)

Cucked again. Just stay down this time, Cory.


The high five of consequence-less cheating.

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