That's Right: We're The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids, And We're Not Wearing Any Pants

Ain't no party like a political party as we examine the best and worst looks from S07.E08, 'The Things We Do For Love'!

The Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids doesn't need your protection.

Because it's just that easy to come on as a university coxy for plot purposes. (Maybe it is, Buntsy knows nothing about crew.)

In this demented-hair contest, nobody wins.

Cliff is cute; this dress is not.

Why don't you try mansplaining to the hair wrangler assigned to you that you look like a very tiny drunk crop circle?

If you have to work that hard and your "reward" is Brandon? Vibrator, gurl. Get the knack.

Giant jacket; giant sneakers; giant ego.

And yes, you've seen those shorts before. (And yes, you've seen Dylan's teeth before, once in a blue moon. Hey, buddies.)

Guess the news director can't ride herd on Tracy's arm continuity AND make flatulent pronunciamentos in his underpants.

So the 90210 refers to the square miles covered by this ridiculous shirt? ..."Shirt," what are we saying. A garment this large clearly requires a hoop and bustle, and is a dress. An ugly dress that is a bitch about it to the other dresses.

Please note that these to-eleven Eyebrows Of Concern do not extend to going to Palm Springs to pay his respects.

At least it's the same actor playing David's bubbe.

And the same box of Corn Shooters.

And Mel had fun fun fun 'til David...

...took his T-Bird and brayed. (Sarah regrets NOTHING.)

Making peace, automotively. (Floor it into a tree, Mel!)



Looks like Linda came straight from her second job as a kids' clown and only had enough time to take off the makeup.

Steve has suspicions, and Kelly -- huh, it's been a while -- is a bitch about it.

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