Thanks For Ruining The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids

David should give his stupid pants the same sort of scathing critique he used to meet-cute Jamie in all the most agonizing snapshots from S08.E16.

The Again With This podcast did wrong, no question.

Figures dumb baby Donna is the one more enthralled by the clown than the chronological six-year-old.

That sheaf of bowl bangs can't hide the fact that Zack is dry-crying.

Stranger with candy.

Why is there a bed in the mall security office?

Jamie's not having it, and we're with her. Then again, we know where Steve's hand has been.

David learns the power of the pen. Let's hope someone else's pen takes out after that stupid windshirt.

Why, WHY with all this tongue. (And with these nests on Donna's head.)

And the manky egg-beater-styled coif is paired with terrifying boobs. Great.

As if.

Stymied artiste bray.

Well but it's a state-of-the-ART Casio.

The cleavern claims another set of corneae.

These idiots deserve whatever they get for exercising exactly zero discretion.

That's not Jack, Jones.

You're underp arrest!

Our relationships would suffer bed death too if this unbelievably unsettling "art" were hanging over our beds. TF?


Brandon's righteous anger is unjustified, as usual.

This messy bitch is living for drama.

Liiiiiving for it.


We're not big fans of slapping the other woman -- start with the shitstain who cheated on you, lady -- but Emma's asinine sweater merits it this time.

Also merited, for a change: the cat-butt mouth.

When a tiny pair of pants gets busted, fills with poo.

Oh, boo hooooooo! ...Not.

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