Sometimes The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Get Overwhelmed

S08.E23 is full of babyish behavior; we've got the photographic evidence.

The Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids would be crawling by now.

"Great," a whole gauntlet of failed attempts to get us to believe Brandon and Kelly have chemistry.

Gross lip-bite? Check.

Poutus interruptus? Check.

Vincent Young has to do his hardest acting to register from underneath those huge collars.

Looks like Dumb Baby's really done it this time!

tfw you can't believe your dumb baby figured out how to rob you.

This worst-of-the-'90s styling really needs to be pushed into a ravine. "Fortunately" there's one on Donna's chest.

Belly-shirted pill contemplation.

Sad velour is sad.

A wet cry, for once -- no doubt administered with an eye-dropper.

Dumb Baby's pills go bye-bye.

Uch, stop simpering.

Uch, stop mugging!

Wee Jessica Alba.

Classic giant TV newborn.

This will never happen again, so enjoy it: cute bit of business from Priestley here.


More professional behavior from Anvilhead.

Being a bitch about state law.

Smells like bad writing to us.

Since this asinine way of interacting with pockets is clearly not going to end, Sarah would settle for even a theory on why it's happening.

Fine, God, they're a LITTLE cute.

Not how we hold coffee cups!

Hold them like this! It's what! The FUCKING HANDLE! IS FOR!!!

You're not there to tell him he has cancer, Jones. Calm down.

Definitely trust Frank, whose acting is on par with a local-car-dealership spot.

Although at least he isn't recycling the same goofy blocking over and over, Brian.

Over and over.

Low-standards groupie.

Why doesn't HE have impostor syndrome?!

We'll never know; we have died of vicarious embarrassment. The jacket alone.

Under-five over-acts.

That's kind of a rude way to describe David's career, but...we're not going to contradict The Beat of all publications.

Jill, who appears to have caught Donna's 'do-itis.

Welp, trauma healed forever, we guess -- hooray!

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