So What The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are Saying Is Get The Hell Out Of Here, Right?

Pretty much...but Brandon takes his sweet time about it, and Donna's face speaks for your co-hosts in the most important pics from S09.E05.

The accompanying Again With This podcast doesn't forgive you.

At least it has Sophie's picture on it instead of a drawing, Donna.

Aren't these her pajamas?

Bedhead might explain this elaborately Spanish-mossy tonsorial situation. It does not excuse it, however.

Remind us why Val thinks David is a good person. He even pulls a pissface during a short con, for God's sake.

Yeah, try watching your boring ass.

Another fake TV snapshot. Do they think we won't know she's being photographed otherwise?

"Give me the David Cassidy, but so tight my skin makes a humming noise" -- this adult-film director.

In debtor's prison trying to pay off this dumb billboard, is our guess.

Who knew he could do horror face? ...Wait, he can't. That's "this milk's gone bad" face.

"Look at me." Why? We haven't been this bored by a C plot since Dylan's SATs.

Mmm, Nogro Modolo.

Phew, everything's resolved with a bro hug! Except our caring, which remains elusive.

We are legit into this dress.

Unless "escrow" is code for "Kennebunkport": no.

We hope she's actually pouting about that stupid manky hair, which barely even makes the medal podium in this episode.

"This episode sponsored by: the French Tourism Board!"

Him hate book! Him skip book like rock into flame house!

One last cock-walk.

Giant baby...besides Donna, that is.

MAN does the crew hate Jennie Garth.

Guys, guys: you're BOTH weenies.

Please let his first Chronical exposé be on the criminal who sold him this vest.

Putting the "no" in "Now Wear This."

Insecurity/false-modesty STUFF.

Us looking at the store's stupid sign.

He's just a straight-up serial killer rn.

He can take this ultra-'90s platform-slide/slip-dress combo out anytime.

Maybe a shot where the camera operator didn't trip? Or where someone, anyone cared enough to ask for a retake?

What's the butt version of a cock sock -- a crack sack?

Allllmost achieves an emotion on the way out the door...but not quite.

JFC, just go already.

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