Sex-Hair's Looking At You, Kids

Our Visual Aids for Beverly Hills, 90210's 'Parental Guidance Recommended' episode are half-dressed up for company.

Meet YOUR opponent halfway with the Again With This podcast for S03.E20 that accompanies these Visual Aids!

Looks like Brandon got those skis after all! That's super-sketchy, right? ...jk, who cares.


We'd love to bust on this "of the Tahoe Zuckermans?" scene, especially given that the Pleated Avenger, New Haven Office is giving such weird line readings, but one of us, having had an "of the Noxzema Buntings?" exchange of her own, can vouch for its realism. Unfortch.

...No relation, btw.


Guess Mums E. O'Tire over here won't be majoring in fashion design.


The keeper of the Bray schedule, Sharon Lawrence! ...This is how dull this ep is that we made a special note of her appearance.


Executive Liaison Lawrence is not super-keen on letting The Gang Of Three in to see her boss, and we don't blame her, given that Steve probably doesn't have a zoning permit for that blazer, the Mao tuxedo shirt is ridiculous, David's hair is facing an IP action from the Sydney Opera House (...again) and he's wearing a matchy purple barn jacket that raped some Garanimals, and Donna's split ends can't commit to a single dated style so she went with three. Kill it all with fire.


Or cocaine. Cocaine works too.


Best friend whose stick-insect paramour you nicked not talking to you? Brood about it under the full-coverage BangSetter awning!


Brengeance is mine, saith the ax.


Another fantasy involving sharp blades. NOT THE WIG!!1


Aw, poor kid. This scene is still legit sad.


So is this one, but for different reasons. Try bringing a pinko present anyone else couldn't have snagged at the airport, Iris.


Powered by crystal vibes -- and the sea-foam iteration of the Rollneck Of Despair -- Brenda meets her opponent halfway. We disapprove, frankly.


Not for nothing, but wouldn't someone with Kelly's alleged "bimbo" rep have gotten better at the getting-dressed-in-a-hurry thing?


Scratch that; apparently nobody around here knows how to get dressed. ONE chain AND AN UNDERSHIRT, Chesthairy Truman. You work AT A RESTAURANT. ...Chrissakes.


"I, Jacka The Hutt, and my vague hair shape defy your trust-protecting...thing!" Seriously, what is going on here.


We know what's going on HERE. Actual sketches are like, "Might wanna low-tone it a bit, bro."

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