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See You Next Tuesday

Brenda straps her three-day bitch on and David's party plans crash and burn in our visual aids for S01E15, 'A Fling in Palm Springs'!

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The "Guatemalan" friendship bracelet in question.


The horrendous child actor in question.


The Shoulderpads Of Platonic Discontent.


Donna in a classically early-'90s daisy-print (and spraypainted-on) dress, your go-to attire for pretending to know what the eff you're talking about when you encourage your friend to bone Dylan.


Before Brenda can bone Dylan, she has to find him. Easier said than done when she's lost her wallet, nobody has cellphones, and she sucks at life. Good thing her future fiance Stuart/Tom comes to the semi-rescue. Not the first time I've thought this about the actor, but does he seem a little...simple to anyone else?


So Brenda's finally figured out where Dylan is, and all's right with the world! At least until the crotch seam of her jeans splits her in half. This aired in primetime, people! Oh, also, she's about to find Dylan socializing with another girl.






Just one of many repurposed sail/slipcovers David models around school.


David: stop spooning Steve. Maybe that's why Steve grew that Vader-helmet mullet -- to keep Silver off his neck, like, literally.


"One day, I'm-a marry Megan Fox!"

2015-08-03-awt-bh-09-dopey 2015-08-03-awt115-silver-video

Enter Tuesday, whose parents should have thought that shit through a little better.


I guess this hardcore style was super-out-there back then? Still: use the peephole, guys.


Well, I tried to tell you. But who should be more turned off, David and Steve, or those who must behold them?


...Still a tough call, IMO!

2015-08-03-awt-bh-13-tattoo 2015-08-03-awt-bh-11-shrug

Maybe I just miss my grandma, but the senior Silvers seem cute to me. Plus you don't have to fix your own lunch!


It's baaaaa-aaaaaack!


But it's nothing compared to Dylan's massive pantaloons. Hard to tell whether the Silvers are confused by Dylan's saying it's nice to have met them and then...continuing on into the house; or excited about the Starbucks they can visit therein.

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