Rumors Of The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids's Chastity Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Not their smugness and braying, though; those rumors were dead on. ...All the most unattractive moments, literal and figurative, from S08.E27!

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Reunion-handout STUFF.

The infamous handout that is not a thing.

Some of the contents, also not a thing. (Tell us more about the cheese business!)

Witless-distraction STUFF.

Cringe STUFF.

Bride Of Cringe STUFF, now with alllll the lipstick!

Book-toss STUFF. May it get caught in the propellor that is Lucille Ball's twirling corpse, get ejected at 195 mph, and bury itself in what's passing for Tori Spelling's brain stem.

Brandon's mug-grip-itis has spread to Noah.

David is stressed out by the reunion? HOWEVER SHALL WE BE ABLE TO TELL?! ...We hate this blocking so much. SO much.

Seriously with these fucking ties all the time. It's like Brian Setzer puked in an ice-cube tray.

Poor Gabrielle Carteris.

Committee bitches.

LOL at this pose (and this turtleneck).

A rare moment of Ohhhhhndrea joy...

...promptly cancelled by a cruel universe.

This stylist should be arrested. ...Donna's, just to be clear, although whoever keeps putting Noah in these seventies-oid shirts is looking at misdemeanor retinal assault as well.

And quit leaving random clips in the back.

Why they gotta be so mean to her? We're really asking.

Overinvestment in the relationships of others bray.

If Val is trying to channel Kelly for the reunion, this un-cute pout is a "great" place to start.

At least Val can color inside the lines, unlike some cat butts we might mention.

We feel you, dude.

To be this smug, she must not have a mirror.

Or understand what good blocking is.

When he gives you the shittiest flower.

Reunion turds.


...Who? Right, sorry: Deen Cayne. From...fourth-period bio?

Two Buildings Fucking, Reunion Edish.

Wh...o? And: not in her twenties. And: WHO?

Baby Constance Zimmer, saddled with a metric tonne of leopard print and all the clips Tori wasn't using.

Humanitarian-bullshit STUFF.

She was; now she's just a bitchy bore.

When you're having a chill night.

Idiotic simper-spy STUFF.


What if time's up, but Bob Vila.

Predictably naked prank pay-off.

Pay-off for us, anyway; IZ looks pretty good.


And let us raise a glass to the heroics of the background actors.

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