Oh Goody, The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Are Here

From left, Sarah and Tara react to/prepare to mispronounce the sexcapades and small-claims hijinks of S09.E12!

The Again With This podcast is a role model to these kids!

Bathroom-bone-us interruptus.

This terrible top is clearly of Donna's design.

"Oh noooooooooooo!"

Chlorinated heeng.

Great work, Doctor.

Getting sued still can't quench Steve's horniness.

An instant collectible that...might have worked better as a CD-ROM? ...Kids, ask your parents.

Mendacious bobblehead.

Same here, Judge Mary. Saaaaame here.

Janet, take that cute blazer and run. Save yourself.

Well, she tried.

Non-winning non-smiles. And did Steve borrow that blazer from David? It's a foyer.

The peanut gallery tells us how to feel about Steve's bullshit.

And about That Blocking, which is back in "humorous" form.

The patented Sanders Charm/Boo-Boo-Kitty Double Whammy confronts a rare failure.

Steve gets Steved.

We wish we had an answer for your "why is David" face, Gertrude, but we just don't.

New depths of haggardry.

Home invadees spreadin' a little mustard on the play.

"[poot] Oh man, that's bad. Sorry, y'all."

Morning Gun Q&A With Gina.

Matt contemplates using this presumptuous toothbrush to clean the toilet hinges. Wait, that's Sarah who's doing that. Fucking Kelly.

Judgy Joker's hair actually looks p dece.

Matt tries to work it out with Stupidhair McCatbuttmouth instead of just giving up.

Although he so frequently seems like he's about to grunt, "Fuck this," and leave, and we wish he would.

"But Kelly seems so fun!", we hear nobody saying, ever.

First page of The Heroin-Withdrawal Cookbook.

Your Brandonian kissing technique is not going to get you out of trying a meatball, Jones.

Hammered shit.

Hammereder shit. (Looks like the production designer finally figured out how to simulate sick sweats with a mister. "Well" done?)

The hammeredest, flattest of shit.

Jesus, McKay. At least ask to borrow a unfunked sweatshirt from Dr. Martin or something.

Not sure why Gina doesn't "accidentally" interrupt this cargo-pant treasure hunt with a reflexive knee to the balls.

Snerk. Uh, that is, "OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!1"

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