Never Mind, The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Don't Wanna Hear About It

All the most important moments from the Trashomon retcon of S07.E28!

You don't see the Again With This podcast that pairs with these Visual Aids celebrating Knight Rider.

In which the Chancellor is adorably, pitiably rapt.

And then adorably, pitiably crushed.

"Too bad" that Henpeck & Shirtless spinoff didn't go anywhere. (And not for nothing, but the Costco vat of Keri by the bed = [shudder].)

Trying patients.

One of the few times Brandon looking at Kelly like she stole money from him is justified/appropriate, and it's wasted in a flashback that contradicts everything we saw in the actual episode.

...Well, this smugness checks out.

Present-day hateful smugness in yet another prego robe borrowed from Rose Nylund.

Mumsy prego-pajama bray.

Way to understand the rules of contagion, guys. WE got flu-like symptoms looking at this.

Parker Lewis can entire 1BR in his suit jacket.

In another timeline, this fake smile-off is still going on.

Hatefully hateful, with a soupçon of shart-concern face. Again, not totally unwarranted considering...

...the "she goes or I go" this bitchy puss just dropped on him. AFTER YOU, PRINCESS.

At some point Brian Austin Green learned to stop making this dumb Muppet face. This is not that point.

B-Sur...not to use apostrophes to pluralize things.

Not sure how Big Booty Trudy got tenure as a fashion/design professor wearing that shmatte, but we're #TeamLangely regardless.

David pouting about Donna's reasonable hesitation in the face of a trip to New Orleans is obnoxious. He couldn't schedule this jaunt during one of the 30 weeks of "break" these stunods get every semester?

We stand with Trudy.

Free Hurricane with every trip to Boob Caverns!

Well, that aggressive tongue is sure to be convincing!

And yet all the eye makeup remains unmoved.

Behold the horror of blue balls. Aaaaaagain.

Point Langely.

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