Maybe The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Should Just Do The Deuce

This crazer's a lot more excited than we are about S06.E30, 'Ray Of Hope'!

You can find the Again With This podcast for "Ray Of Hope" at the corner of Crack and Eightball.

Because that's what every straight 20-year-old dude wants when he's recuperating: not whiskey. Not a videogame. Flowers. Shut up, Carl Of Pavonia.

The new aggressive low-lights mostly make Clare's hair look greasy.

And then there's...whatever this John Waters outtake is.

At least she's not going crazy with the bronzer, and while this pales (literally) in comparison to how pecannish Val looks in the finale, it's already pretty bad.

Still Life With Mom-Hair Bitch Gloat.

Mom-Hair Bitch Gloat: The Motion Picture.

If you can't spare five bucks to buy a Hanes three-pack at the dollar store, at least wash that tee in the sink.

This is the edgy look the Powerman 5000 team was so into.

Video-Director Barbie, now with authentic straw hair! (Skirt doubles as a belt/headband.)

Maybe wait to celebrate until 1) you've signed an actual contract and 2) know which band you're representing?


"Hey, who took my orange XXXXXXL Old Navy blouse?" - Dawson Leery.

The future Mrs. Ray, a.k.a. Wendy, a.k.a....

Hermione from Riverdale?! We would never have recognized her without looking it up. Did she get Eva Longoria's collagen injected into her cheekbones or something?

Art Streiber / The CW

So many whorls. Why.

tfw your abusive ex wrote a song about you. Hashtag heeng! ...Ugh.

Donna inadvertently spoils her answer to Joe's proposal with this awkward grimace.

We know we said it didn't really track that a 20-year-old would take on a head coaching job, but not a 20-year-old.

Because the realism this act-out calls for is an eight-minute extended simping remix.


Bye, Joe. Sorry you were so boring.

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