Just Look At The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids, Okay?

Cat butts, condiments, and Kierkegaard dominate our selection of screenshots from S08.E04.

B, you wanna grab the Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids? ...Okay, cool.

Supes professional "skirt," there.

Goliath: finally, a character to root for.

This claw-clip MacGyver-ment is actually quite clever.

But all of Donna's ingenuity went into the dog-seatbelt rig, because she still sucks at posters.

And she pouts about it, because she's still a dumb baby.

Our esteemed colleague Lauren S. takes one for the team, literally.

Wardrobe punks Priestley and Ziering with matching mustard-and-ketchup shirts. "Pardon me, sir: have you any Bray Poupon?"

The legit charming office of the newspaper, although from the way Brandon's sourpussing about it you'd think it's littered with crack vials and rat droppings.

Kelly is a bitch about her amnesia cheat sheet.

Derpy shirt is derpy.

Give it a rest with the ring already, basics, God.

How's that saying go -- "look in the mirror and take off one Iron Cross"?

Eyebrows Of Extreme Concern I.


Oooookay, Guldengleberry. Settle it down.

Again: chill. And this is not how you look at a character you profess to love, professional acting guy.

It isn't Sarah who cut the pic of Priestley's repellent pants-pocket blocking this time, but she's just as mad as if it had been. Does he...think it makes him look taller?

Seldom right and wrong again, un-tough guy.

All pant, no cattle.

There's a joke here about Kelly putting the ring in the same drawer as a dildo, but we're enjoying this Brandon fail too much to look very hard for it.

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