It's The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids She's Afraid Of Now, Man

All of Brandon's cockwalking, flat-loathing glaring, and braying -- and Kelly's justified being of a bitch about it -- in our pics from S08.E07.

The Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids is hate. That's all it is.

"Did you say 'couture'?" ...Says the so-called personal stylist wearing a cardi with nothing underneath, sigh.

Could not be more same.

We're detecting only trace amounts of guilt.

Not a man's handwriting, at all.

Free drama with your blowout.

Jane Carr, fire your agent. And the next one just to be safe.

A Tommy Wiseau impersonator is always a timely addition to your background-actor corps.

Tori really gets her back and legs into this. Hmm.

Aw, these two. Not big fans of this Groundhog Day Jr. of a Steve-proves-himself storyline, but it's pretty cute when the Carly is subtracted.

We're so Team Nut Guy, we're sponsoring a Little League squad. (NOT coached by any Gangsters.)

Not hating this bag of Donna's, though.

Ari the A-and-R guy, in...a tie. Sure.

BAG needs to lose this "stressed out" blocking; he used it at least five times in the episode.

Make your giant pants even gianter with pockets, which you can then stuff with unwarranted attitude.

The brown velour of '90s hipsterdom.

Racist coke sniff is racist.

When the lead singer of your racist band starts a mini-riot over "free speech."


If you don't want your boyfriend to over-protect you, don't do your hair like a five-year-old.

Performative couch-sleeping.

Yeah, okay, short stack. If you're going to get in anyone's face...

...maybe start with the special lady friend whose idea of date-night hair is...whatever this mess is.

Brandon's flat loathing is for the guy with insights about his girlfriend. Ours is for that high-school-production-of-South-Pacific-set-design swoof of hair. Haaaaate.

Not how corpses work. Corpses, hospitals, formal IDs, police work, how to wear a shirt tucked in -- any of it. Not how any of it works.

Kinda hard to take you seriously there, Intensor.

Yeah, that's normal.

Chicken Soup For The Bitchy Soul.

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