It's Nice To Know The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Have Been Missed

Reflecting on the noteworthiest outfits and bitchfaces from S06.E18, 'Snowbound.'

The Again With This podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids isn't covering this story.

Steve is dismissive of Clare's Barbie car.

We are dismissive of the return of Steve's vajeans.

Clare makes the most of her gloat-pertunity.

No to Steve's coat, which Sarah is almost positive she owned in red at that time.


Dee har har.

Max? Exactly.

Clare? Exactlier.

Glad the actors could make their own fun, marooned in yet another non-storyline because neither of them is stupid Kelly.

The social-hygiene film works its guilt-inducing magic once again.

The show's attempts at humor seldom worked (and this isn't really an exception) but Ian Ziering never stopped trying.

Meet Kathryn. Hi, Kathryn! ...Bye, Kathryn.

Hey, shitbrick: if you're going to treat your friends like sources without telling them that's what's going on, then refuse to engage with the story you started chasing down, don't also give them the presumptuous double finger-gun.

For Sarah's money, the real headline here is why Joe has the Better Homes cookbook in his dorm room.

...Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Fuuuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Story rejected, sans eye contact.

Story therefore killed, because non-editor-in-chief boy"friend" who doesn't understand how ethics OR reporting work disapproves. HE IS SUCH A COCK, YOU GUYS.

We don't get it. Try holding on Cameron Bancroft's fish-esque gasping for another two weeks.

Donna serving classic mid-'90s frumpy-cute realness.

Coke and Cabernet. Oh, and a heaping helping of ze arteest's armpit forest.

Busted! Also, really with the rubber band? Shouldn't Colin have tighter roll technique by now?

Enjoy Coke!Kelly, who's snorted the stick out of her ass at least temporarily.

Unfortunately, other side effects include nonstop baby-voicing, and the desire to take basic shopping trips like this one.

Which is derpier, Colin's expression or his velour shirt? ...Neither! It's the necklace he made at Camp Sniffyhaha!

Exactly. Although using your gift to reassess your choices vis-a-vis that elderly animal-print-collar top isn't the worst idea.

The Damn Bird of writing implements.

It looks like homemade wrapping paper, and we wouldn't pay for that, either.

The hollow taupe eyeshadow of guilt.

Colin paid for baking soda, and Kelly is a bitch about it.


We don't understand his hair either, David. Just go ahead and kick his ass.

When your roommate's problems are so dull that you can't even work up the energy to be a bitch about them.

Plenty of pep in Colin's bray step, though!

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