If The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Drink Enough, They Won't Care Anymore

Peep all the most important pics from S06.E22, 'All This And Mary Too'!

The Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids is a regular MacGyver.

Because running in the butt-floss leotard from the cardio-funk episode and a defensive line coach's windshirt is very comfortable and totally something people do in Los Angeles.

Experimental procedure bray.

If you're going to annoy God with your petty problems, you might start by offering to get rid of the track lighting someone installed around the altar.

Or by learning how to cross yourself properly.

Thumbs up on Clare's commitment to fluffy snow-bunnitude.

Thumbs down on David's ginormous NFL-sidelines sleeping bag of a coat.


Words fail Susan. Been there, chief.

The Maryzzzz.

Cute athleisure look on Clare! Quite an improvement over...

...the low-flow center part, rogue lipliner, and split-endsy razoring she's modeling elsewhere. Kathleen Robertson held up well under the duress of most '90s lewks but this is too much even for her.


The actual boundary sign.

The Zucker-Abrahams, "PA announcers arguing over parking zones in Airplane" version in case you didn't get it.

Ain't no party like a cave party.

Tara captioned this one "they-don't-pay-me-to-care"; Sarah's not a hundred Tara's talking about the lodge employee.

The gangsicles await their a cave last seen on Star Trek: TOS. Think that rock was purple, though.

The more the Mary-er, AH HA HA HAAAAAAA zz and FFS with the baggy pants, David.

We dunno, maybe go with a ballet flat? Not that it matters, since as of the next episode we neeeeever saw the brace or crutches agaaaaaain.

The magazine that extra's reading must have rull tiny print, because it's taking her a while to get through. Like, the next three episodes.

Terruh Streetchild. Er, "Marks."

Fun roomie alert!

Let's get a closer look at the flat-ironed Kraft caramel Paige Moss is wearing here, which, no wonder she's sobbing hysterically.

Cat-butt break-up face.

What's worse, the flailed-at canvas posing as "art" in the background, or Colin's artsy lid?

At least the hat covers...the awning.

Damn Bird II: The Damn Birdening.

Way to sober, doofus.

Who's the 20-pound salad for -- David's coat? The '90s-shirt convention you're apparently hosting at Casa Walsh?

...Whoever's laundering the 26 pairs of socks Colin crammed into his crotcheroo?

Clay fun!

Clay raaaaage.

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