I Guess The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Wrote This For You, Huh?

Val tries to locket down (sorrynotsorry) despite David and Donna's soulmate-itis in all the important snapshots from S08.E19.

Nothin' like a catfight to kick off the accompanying Again With This podcast.

Actual wee Tori. Aw.

Orange-monster Tori with butt-crack cleavern. Ew.

Orange emoting.

Elephantiasis-of-the-pants ward is upstairs, bro.

"Wait but so it's BAD that I'm not David? ffs."


Guys. You are fighting. Over DAVID. Which, there's pants enough for everyone, no? Unfortch?

So Dylan's baja fucked a Snuggie and now we all have to live in the bell jar. Cool cool.

Jasper's Law drummer really feeling David's vibe.

Smug club cleavern.

Shut up, locket.

Great, the forehead kiss is back.

You did this, Grandma. ...Not the situation with Donna's hair, but we're just going to blame you for that too.

And a twist on the forehead kiss.

Punchably smug lip-purse.

I don't get it. She likes pricks?

It's a grandparent's funeral, Donna. PUT THEM AWAY.

What is this blocking?

Andrew, cube-poo-rolee.

The man did his time. Quit punishing him with your assholic pocket usage.

Farcical misunderstanding bray.

Of COURSE this is how Brandon wears a wristwatch. Haaaaate.

When the bebs are into each other. (We'd also be into bebs if these doofi are the alternative.)

Gay panic: always* hilarious*.

*never these

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