Face It, The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Have Got A Nasal Problem

And Yule never guess who's a bitch about it in yet another dullsville Christmas episode.

The Again With This podcast that explains these Visual Aids loves New York.

Is this kind of a cute moment, or is Tara fired? Discuss!

Those neutral-palette Easy Spirits can only belong to one character. Hiiiii, Cindyyyyyy.

In the same way that even a broken clock is right twice a day, Susan's mummy-sheet of shame STUFF is pretty funny.

Sarah concurs that this is some Brandon cuteness. Is it because his hair isn't its usual judgmentally immobile massif?

Oh, here's the inappropriately sour face of "concern" we've all come to know and...know.

Where do we order our own Valeries? And does anyone else want to Photoshop this into pics from Mar-a-Lago that usually feature the Donald and his dumb tennis sweater?

Obvious coke dealer is obvious.

In theory, Scott's side dish should wear something more substantial to answer the door. In practice, we can't clock anyone who brought us...

...this reaction.

Not the reaction we had to whatever's going on with Donna's fork-styled hair here. Although the answer to "Why didn't they ask for a retake" is generally pretty obvious with this one.

Christmas STUFF -- which, based on Jennie Garth's response, was a genuine surprise to both actors.

Stocking the background with a bunch of day players doesn't make it less obvious that the gang only interacts with itself...

...since that's exactly what they continue doing in this scene anyway.

Are Val and her bonsai half-updo about to kiss Cindy?

Is...RUSH about to kiss Cindy? Because we don't totally hate either fic, tbh.

Not sure how realistic it is with this hair"do," either.

Filial had-it-up-to-here bray.


Damn bird, call your damn agent.

At least to insist on more proficient green-screening.

Whatever Happened To Baby Boob Cavern STUFF.

This half-assy note is less shitty than the gift itself.

Well, it's nice that Brandon could get his way, thereby treating us all to this mien of moist relief.

But then there's this unacceptable turtleneck.

And this expression of smug condescension.

And that's why you make sure the interns have read the show bible.

Rush's glorious ring is back!

Along with Ian Ziering's determined, but ultimately doomed, attempts to assay "furious hurt"...

...and "heartbreak." What about OUR hearts, buddy?

We love you too, Cindy. Now start growing it out.

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