Dropping Everything For The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids? Whatever

Kelly reunites with Brandon, Valerie reunites with scheming, and we reunite with Maalox as we collect the most important moments from S07.E27.

The Again With This podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids loves puppets.



Smugsy McDrabpalette contemplates Val's journal.

And her try-hard baby script within it.

It's no surprise Kelly didn't read Val's journal; based on her own second-grade stylings, she may have assumed it was dullsville. Seriously, read this pablum. Why fuckin' bother?

P dece cartwheel from Clare.

P painful-looking splits from Donna (although Sarah likes her shorts).

Better living through no Kelly.

Must everyone on this show put their skuzzy shoes on the furniture?

Of course Kelly finds puppet abuse amusing.

The correct reaction to Kelly's sad divorce-orphan story is not to look like you're smothering a giggle, Brandon.


Unicorn sighting! The rare Donna funny that's actually funny.

Leave the recapping to the professionals, hee.

This mall-machine business card would not inspire us to invest, tbh.

Smug with journal.

Magic Morton and his Members Only jacket.

Why is this gratuitous chip.

Please source Clare's aerobics top for Tara.

tfw you aren't sure the shit actually got stirred up adequately.

Grocery-bag prego-flage.

We hoped we'd got past the Russian-TV-antenna phase with Donna's hair"styles."

Try "scared" instead of "put-upon," Priestley.

Seriously: WHY AREN'T YOU SCARED. Is it because you have an entire rack of cakes with files baked into them stashed in your massive khakis?

And now, some of Brandon's emotions while he's in lock-up. None of them is fear. Asshooooooole.

Hope Magic Morton has a spell for degreasing.

Val DGAF who knows she read Kelly's journal. Nor should she, since it's so dull, she should get a medal for lasting longer than two pages.

Shit-talk bust bray.

Ziering making his own fun with a non-sequitur chipmunk face.

Uneven nips scheme unevenly.

These people hate one another. And rightly so.

A baby gift for a brat.

Baby's reward for talking shit and being a bitch about it: brunch. What is wrong with these people?

And why doesn't Val ask herself the same question, and make some new friends already?

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