Double Your Fun

Picking one-time bit players for return engagements on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Beverly Hills, 90210 has a habit of bringing actors back to play other roles: Cousin Bobby/Danny 5; multi-print blazer school board member/Shadowcaster's owner's dinner party guest; Stoner Dude from the House of 1000 Stairs/Devin the Bigot Musician; Pam from "Friends, Lovers And Children," who returns in S10 to play "Dr. Nicki Long." Cliff Dorfman actually appeared in both the date-rapey Hallowe'en episode from Season 2, and as a photographer in the Season 4 finale, before returning in Season 9 for a multi-episode arc as someone named Joe Patch.

@brakcounterbrak would like us each to pick a random bit character whose performer should have returned, and who/what they each should play.

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